March 26, 2010

Private Investigator Virginia Private Investigators Virginia Detective Services

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A “VIRGINIA PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR” can help with your Virginia Investigation Services, Virginia Detective Services, Virginia Infidelity Investigation Services, video surveillance and more.

Contact a Virginia Private Investigator from All Star Investigations .com – Virginia Investigators provide Investigation Services, video surveillance and other detective services in Virginia to investigate a spouse, employee, cheater, claimant or other people. Our Virginia Detective Agency is the premier source for private investigation services, matrimonial infidelity, personal injury claims, workers compensation fraud, nanny surveillance, employee theft, cheating spouses, child custody cases, home debugging, domestic investigations, civil / criminal investigation and Record Searches. Virginia Detective Services may investigate persons, spouses, nannies, employees, corporations, wife, husbands, lover, exspouse, organizations, etc. Virginia Investigations obtain the evidence needed.

Our Agency is the only Virginia infidelity investigation agency in Virginia specializing in domestic cases like; marital investigations, adultery, cheating spouses, matrimonial cases, spousal surveillance, pre-marital, marriage and divorce investigations. Virginia Investigators investigate cheaters, unfaithful wives / husbands, investigate lover, partner, date, exspouse, deadbeat parent, mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé or potential spouse to be. Virginia private investigation services provided by our Virginia detective Agency delivers investigative evidence by way of video surveillance , record searches, information gathering, Virginia infidelity surveillance, GPS Vehicle Tracking, spy surveillance products and other private investigation services in Virginia. 

A Virginia PI can investigate an employee, business partner, cheating spouse, cheating boyfriend, ex girlfriend, relative, insurance fraud claimant, suspect, debtor, witness, house wives, spouses, insurance companies, businesses and the public. Our Detective Services can help investigate cases like Civil, Corporate, Domestic, Infidelity Investigations, matrimonial investigations and Criminal Investigations. 

Virginia Detective Services include; Locate Missing Persons, Locate Witnesses, Find Missing People, Skip Tracing Services, Spousal Surveillance, insurance fraud investigations, marital infidelity investigations, , background checks, personal injury investigations, civil investigations, Adultery investigations, Virginia Detective Services, Video Surveillance, Infidelity Investigation Services Infidelity Investigators and Cheating Spouse Detectives, domestic investigations and Virginia workers compensation Investigations. Virginia Private Investigators also perform de-bugging services, bug sweeps, electronic counter measures, Virginia Surveillance, infidelity surveillance, Virginia Background Checks, Criminal Record Searches, Virginia debugging. All private investigations are totally discreet and confidential.

Our Virginia Private Detectives are the most trusted PI’s in Virginia for their unwavering dedication and investigation services. Our Detectives perform undercover private detective services. Private eyes investigate persons, conduct undercover operations, covert surveillances, record searches or background checks in Virginia nationwide.

Our Virginia Detective Services can help with criminal background checks, arrest record histories or criminal record searches on people…For information on investigations services Virginia contact a detective at our detective agency. Visit our Virginia Spy Shop and review all spy equipment such as covert cameras, hidden cameras, nanny cams, hidden cameras, GPS Vehicle Trackers, GPS Tracking devices, GPS Tracking Products, Personal GPS Trackers and home video surveillance cameras. Visit our Virginia Spy Shop to buy Spy Products and spy surveillance equipment…


A Virginia Private Investigator can investigate and help with child abuse investigation, child support, intellectual property infringement, electronic counter measures, child neglect surveillance, Marital infidelity investigations, forensic computer service, free people search, tscm, defective products, Mystery Shoppers / Integrity shopping, nursing home abuse, negligence & injuries, debugging, background checks or employment screening. Find Virginia Private Investigators for criminal record search and more investigative work. Our PI’s investigate child neglect cases, for spouses, businesses, agencies, plaintiff attorney, defense lawyer and child neglect attorneys. Hire Virginia Security consultants at our Virginia Detective Agency for Virginia Child Custody Investigation Services.

Virginia Private Investigators can also obtain Virginia record searches such as: Virginia Criminal records, felony record searches, prior arrest records, criminal history, Background check investigation, or other Virginia Criminal investigation services? Get the facts on people! Order Virginia Record Searches online or a background search in your state. Run a Virginia background check on a person, do a background check on business, find missing persons, locate assets, investigate people and more with our database searches and court house record checks performed by licensed Virginia Private Investigators who service Virginia and have affiliate investigators in all other states. 

Our Virginia Private Investigators may conduct an array of record searches to assist clients with criminal background investigations or a due diligence search. If you need to investigate a person’s criminal history or get persons prior arrest records, our Virginia Record Searches will help you investigate a person’s prior criminals history easily..A Virginia Private Investigator will help your case by conducting a record check on a person, spouse, boy / girl friend, business, company or entity. A Virginia Private Investigator can also conduct Virginia record searches to help find lost family, friends, search missing persons, defendant, claimant, ex-spouse, vendor, dead beat parent, child’s mother, father, missing children, school classmate, significant other, suspect, debtor, fiancé, associates, college / colleagues, attorney, old friend, doctor, lawyer, Co-Worker, lover or any U.S. citizen. We have the records search services for you. 

An investigator can also find a county criminal conviction background check in Virginia or other counties in the USA. Our Virginia investigators can search a person by using prvt resources only available to Virginia private investigators. Other Virginia Detective agencies do not match our due diligence resources. Our Virginia Detective company is licensed to perform investigation services in Virginia. 

Hire Virginia Investigator for Debugging Services – Bug Sweeps Virginia 

Need a Virginia Bug Sweep or Virginia debugging service? A Virginia Investigator specializing in debugging services will help with home de-bugging services, phone line sweeps and counter surveillance measures in a discreet way. Our TSCM counter surveillance measures experts investigate wiretapping and perform a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures survey, home debugging, electronic bug sweep, Bug Detection Services, anti wiretapping, home bug sweep and office de bugging. A Virginia Detective can help eliminate illegal phone tapping, hidden mics, unwanted planted covert cameras and other bug devices placed in homes, offices or business. Virginia Investigators find hidden surveillance cameras, wired / wireless bug or similar audio transmitter or video transmitting device also called a room bug.

Virginia Investigators can find unwanted illegal surveillance bugs and investigate or detect electronic eavesdropping phone taps, audio surveillance equipment, GPS tracking devices, hidden home cameras and other illegal spy equipment found at Virginia Spy shops. Allow our Virginia Private Investigators to bug sweep home, PC computer, cellular phone, car or business office with bug sweeping services. A Virginia Investigator from our agency will investigate and detect bugs or hidden surveillance devices in residences, homes, spouses car, warehouse, company vehicle, offices or businesses in Virginia. 

Our firm is the trusted Virginia bug sweep debugging company servicing people like spouses, lawyers, corporations, Virginia security companies and Virginia private investigation agencies. 


Do you need a Virginia Bug Sweep, Virginia debugging or bug sweeping services in Virginia? Our security consultants deliver the best Technical Surveillance Counter Measures services to improving security measures with tscm electronic counter measures, phone line sweeps and de bugging services to detect illegal eavesdropping at home or workplace. By using electronic sweeps, our Virginia Private Investigators find hidden interception devices, nanny cams, wireless hidden cameras, land line bugs, PC spy software, microphone transmitters, CCTV – closed-circuit television systems, Audio surveillance transmitters, audio recorders and other investigative equipment. 

Despite TSCM bug detection laws, cell phone tapping – cellular phone tap wire tapping laws and other restrictions used to protect people from invasion of privacy in Virginia, microphone hidden transmitters, RF bug detection, digital audio phone recorders, electronic wire taps, microphone bugs and remote bugs are still used in Virginia and the united States to spy on people or spy on business in Virginia. Hire Virginia Private Investigation services to inspect a vehicle or home. Investigators will find GPS car Trackers, hidden mics, covert wireless camera, microwave transmitters and bugs weep gadgets. Our Virginia Detective Agency helps with TSCM electronic sweeping of home, physical or digital inspection of an area, with professional Bug Detection services Virginia.

Virginia Private Investigators and expert detective staff will check telephone lines for bugs, check for wiretaps and Bug Detection Services to find hidden spy devices, home wire tapping, cellular phone tapping, or bug sweep detection equipment such as phone number taps and detecting bugging devices. Virginia De-Bugging Service – TSCM Electronic Surveillance
Call our TSCM investigators for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, wiretap detection services, Bug-sweeping telephone lines or information on bugging cell phones, telephone bug wiretaps, wiretap detection or other bug-sweep services.

Our Virginia Bug Detection Services will find illegal hidden bugs, locate hidden microphones and other devices used to bug people or equipment used to spy on a person. With our Virginia debugging service, you may now keep your private conversations and corporate meetings safe from corporate spies, unlicensed Virginia private investigators, sleuths, private eyes, Virginia detective agencies & people that may tap a person’s phone or tap a cellular phone. Call our Virginia Private Investigators and stop being a victim of espionage. Do not allow competitive intelligence services from a competitor ruin your business. Get debugging services by our Virginia Investigators.


Visit our spy shop to buy counter surveillance products, spy cams, nanny cams or spy surveillance equipment in Virginia. Buy, rent or Install Hidden Cameras, Spy Cameras, Nanny Cams or overt / covert CCTV surveillance products at home, office or business in Virginia. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures check help locating hidden cameras, illegal listening devices, hidden bugs and other illegal spy gadgets, illegal spy bugs or similar devices you may not know about. We provide help or information on wiretaps, bug detection services and de-bugging by private investigators in Virginia. We deliver affordable debugging services in Virginia.

Our CCTV surveillance camera installers install hidden surveillance, nanny spy cameras , covert surveillance equipment and home security cameras so you may monitor or protect your employees, spouse, teenager, husband, wife, mother, father, children, spouses, nannies, family, commercial / residential property or vehicles from crime in Virginia. Visit our Virginia Spy Shop to buy wholesale spy equipment, Virginia nanny surveillance cameras, pinhole cameras, miniature spy cams, pinhole spy cam, nanny spy camera, home security products used by our Virginia Private Investigator. Install Wireless Hidden Spy Cameras in Virginia for home security or to investigate a nanny, spouse, cheating husband, wife, etc. Rent or buy Hidden, Spy, Covert and nanny camera installation services in Virginia. 


Our Virginia Investigators and Virginia Insurance Fraud Investigators investigate Insurance Defense Investigations, Workers Compensation Fraud Investigation, Claims Fraud, Personal Injury Investigations and claim fraud investigation services. 

Virginia Private Investigators from our Detective agency are always investigating insurance fraud. We can investigate insurance fraud claims, false claims cases, Personal Injury Investigations, and exaggerated insurance claims such as; workers’ comp fraud, bodily injury, auto accident claims, personal injury claim, work related accidents, auto accident claims, Motorcycle Accident Claim, Wrongful Death, automobile injury claim, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents, dog bites and others fraudulent cases. If you are an insurance fraud defense attorney or workman compensation attorney, our Virginia Detective Agency can also conduct back injury investigations, claimant surveillance, past employment verification, investigate staged accident, neighborhood Interviews or database record searches on a claimant for your Virginia private investigation case.

Insurance Claims Investigation Services Virginia by Virginia Private Investigator…Our Virginia detective agency assist Virginia insurance defense lawyers, personal injury and Virginia workers comp attorneys with many types of insurance fraud claims services and insurance defense services such as :

Workers’ Compensation Claims
Auto Accident Claims Investigator
 Virginia Personal Injury 
 Virginia Claims Subrogation
Virginia Bodily Injury Claims Investigator
Automobile Theft Liability 
Disability Claims Investigator
Claimant Surveillance photographs
Insurance Fraud photography
Virginia Attorney Litigation Support
Virginia Claims Investigations Services
AOE-COE Investigations
Virginia Personal Injury Investigation
Disability Investigation
Activity Checks 
Virginia Workman’s Comp Surveillance 
Recorded Statements Virginia
Written Statements
Locate Witnesses
Virginia Video surveillance
Insurance Fraud Sub-Rosa
Accident Scene Investigation 
Virginia Auto Accident Claims Investigation
Property Claims Investigation
Video Tape, Still Photograph
Locate Missing Claimants
Auto Liability Claims Investigations
Slip and Fall Investigations
Virginia Bodily Injury Claims Investigation
Alive and Well Checks
Alive and Well Interviews
Workers’ Compensation Investigations 
 Virginia Insurance Fraud Investigation Services
Virginia Claim Investigation Service
Virginia Insurance Claims Investigations
cheating spouse surveillance

Our company has been investigating insurance claims in Virginia for insurance companies, risk managers, claim adjusters, Virginia Defense Attorneys, Insurance defense attorneys, Workers Compensation Attorneys, plaintiff law firms, Virginia employers, private corporations, Virginia personal injury lawyers and other local Virginia Private Investigators.

Our Virginia Insurance Claims Private Investigators are well trained SIU insurance investigators. We have Virginia insurance fraud investigators who are experts at claim sub-rosa, claimant video surveillance, claim statement taking, and investigating fraudulent claimants. Our Virginia Detective agency also investigates nationwide through our affiliate investigation consultants. Our detective services specialize in video surveillance for insurance fraud investigations and personal injury surveillance services. 

Insurance Fraud Defense Investigations Virginia

Whether you need to hire a Virginia private investigator, Virginia Insurance Claim Investigator, Virginia Insurance Fraud Investigator, Virginia Personal Injury Investigator, Virginia Workers Compensation Investigator, Virginia Bodily Injury Investigator, Virginia Work Comp detective, Virginia insurance defense investigator, an arson investigator for a fire investigation, personal injury detective, or SIU insurance fraud investigator Virginia for suspected claims or fraud claims… our special investigations unit has insurance fraud investigators in Virginia that can investigate claims with video surveillance services or other insurance claims investigations services. We specialize in workers compensation claim investigation, Virginia bodily injury investigation, work comp surveillance services, auto liability investigation or arson investigation. Our Virginia private eyes perform video surveillance on a claimant or people under suspicion of criminal activity, personal injury fraud, and work comp insurance fraud activity; personal injury claims and other jobs. A detective from our firm may also investigate corporate claims with due diligence or insurance fraud consulting service. A PI from our firm will detect fraud, fight fraudulent claims and investigate claimants to deter against false claimant claims or staged accidents or injuries. A Virginia Investigator from our PI agency may investigate bodily injury claim, criminal fraud claims and investigate fraud cases for attorneys in Virginia.

A Virginia Claims Detective from our agency can also handle some of the following types of insurance fraud cases: Insurance Claims Investigations Virginia Casualty Claims Surveillance Virginia Workman’s Comp Investigator Virginia Insurance Claims Investigator Virginia Private Investigator – Insurance Fraud Investigations – Virginia Personal Injury Surveillance – Personal Injury Detectives Virginia -Virginia Child Custody Investigations

Do you need a Virginia Investigator to help with child support investigations related to; locate deadbeat dad / mom, un fit Deadbeat parents, dead beat father, mother, collect child support payments, ex boyfriend, unfit parent, child neglect case, employment screening, skip trace, locate where a deadbeat parent is currently working, award visitation rights, divorce and other matters to assist you move forward with your court trial.

Virginia Child Custody Investigations are available by our Virginia child custody investigators may provide clients with still photo, photography, video surveillance documentation and an investigation report detailing the current lifestyle of your spouse. Virginia Child Custody Investigators usually testify in court regarding the child custody investigation services or child abuse / neglect evidence. Consult with a Virginia child support investigator or Virginia Child Custody Investigator for details on our child custody surveillance, neglect investigations, video surveillance, spousal surveillance, or other domestic investigation services such as infidelity, cheating spouses, bug sweeps, debugging, spousal surveillance or matrimonial surveillance.

All Star Investigations .com is a Virginia Detective Agency delivering Missing Persons Investigation Services to people who need to find missing persons. Our Virginia Investigators find missing people with our people finder investigation services and skip tracing. Order Missing person searches to search for persons or find people online with our on-line searching tools and resources. Do you need to find someone, find people, witnesses, heirs, lover, mistress, locate spouses, ex girlfriends, children, Co-Worker, relatives, stalker, deadbeat dad, dead beat parent, defendant, claimant, criminal, debtor or a tenant? A Virginia investigator from All Star Investigations .com can help locate deadbeat parent, ex spouses, property, assets, cheater, or persons. 


A Virginia Investigator from our investigation agency can help find public background record, civil or criminal record checks, criminal history records and other private investigations services on people. Investigation services are effective to obtain Criminal Histories, locate people , persons criminal backgrounds, misdemeanor & felony checks, Pre employment screening, tenant screening, find persons criminal records / charges, convictions and more. We can also help with phone number lookup, land line number search, vehicle tag searches, cell phone number trace, CNA / cellular trace, non-published number trace and all other Virginia investigation services or service in your state. 

Do you suspect cheating, theft, fraud, lies, etc .Virginia Private Investigation Services are effective to investigate a spouse, employee, cheating spouse, investigate infidelity, marital case, adultery, matrimonial infidelity, unfaithful spouse, affair, insurance fraud and many other detective cases.

Our Virginia Investigators can search for missing persons with our PI jobs. Call our Virginia Detective Agency for detective services or spy surveillance products. Other Virginia Detective agencies and private investigators can’t compete with our track record. 
Contact an investigator from All Star Investigations for info on Virginia public record searches. 

Hire Virginia Private Investigators for Missing Persons Investigations, marital infidelity investigations, video surveillance, background checks, Claims Investigation, Insurance Fraud Investigation, Workers comp investigations, matrimonial infidelity and more. Call an investigator consultant for help in investigating people in Virginia.

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