May 21, 2009

Private Detective Agencies Detectives Agency

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Our Private Detective Agency and security firm is a professional, fully licensed private detective company offering an array of private investigation services to individuals such as a spouse, lawyer, law firm, insurance fraud attorneys, employers or other Private Detective Agencies that are looking to retain a private investigator consultant at an affordable rate.

Call us today and get the proof –  800-743-2313 or 305-264-7878

No other Private Detective Agencies can match to our quality, integrity and resources.

Since our founding, our private detectives have been a trusted source to many attorneys, businessmen, businesses, spouses and individuals in the United States, Central/ South America and nationwide. We have affiliate private investigators located throughout the United States and worldwide including Miami, Broward, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm beach, lake Worth, California, Houston, Las Vegas, Detroit, Havana, Cuba, Costa Rica, Brazil, Venezuela and more areas … our firm has established a reputation of dedication and professionalism among our corporate and individual clients. Our team of private investigators and PI’s have years of experience in investigative services, research, video surveillance, undercover work, law enforcement, investigative services, spy surveillance products, security consulting and business management. All private detective have specialized skills to bring a quick resolution to every case we investigate. Private eyes from our agency are experienced in meeting every clients needs no matter the circumstances…. As a private detective agency we are dedicated to every clients sole needs. Our detectives provide the highest level of service and ethics in the investigation and security industry. Unlike other Private Detective Agencies,…each private detective works together with the clients to handle the investigation with the utmost confidentiality….Stop living in doubt…find or hire Private Detective Agency

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