May 27, 2009

Home Bug Sweep Bug Sweep Detection

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Bug Sweep Detection Services is a common service requested for a home or office. Our Home Bug Sweep Services and office bug sweep service is very effective at finding hidden or covert bugs, phone line taps, listening devices, audio recorders and more spy gadgets sold at spyshops or online spy stores. Spy listening devices, spy gear or spy gadgets are more commonly known as bugs. The spy bugs are used to gather specific information from people or companies such as trade secrets, confidential information, client lists and vital company information.


Our Private Investigation agency has licensed private investigators that offer an array of Bug Sweep Detection Services, bug sweep and undercover investigation services such as TSCM and or bug sweep services. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is the service provided by our expert technicians and private detectives to effectively locate and detect eavesdropping equipment, hidden cameras, nanny cams, gps vehicle trackers, covert listening devices, bugs, phoneline tap, cellular phone tap, and spy cams. Get de bugging services today…Are you being bugged? Do you feel like you are being watched? Stop being paranoid that you are bugges. Hire our de-bugging services today and stop Industrial espionage or electronic eavesdropping surveillance. We detect Telephone wiretapping and spy cams surveillance devices and  bugging equipment that are planted anywhere.


Our de bugging expert team of bug detection service experts will detect bugs or spy equipment in any area within a home, car, company vehicle, office or business. We have found and detected many wiretap devices, nany cams, spy cameras, gps tracking devices, covert listening devices and spy gadgets sold online. Call us for de bugging counter industrial espionage or debugging information and stop the risk of loss of valuable trade secrets or data.


Our Investigation Agency may detect Surveillance equipment hidden inside any items such as; a pen spy camera, smoke detector camera, lamp spy camera, clock spy camera, and other devices. Digital voice activated audio recorders, gsm bugs,  and covert listening devices can be planted under a desk or furniture in your room or office area. Also a telephone phone wiretap can be placed anywhere along your homes or offices phone line. Do not be a victim or prey of spying or bugging. Hire our counter espionage experts for de-bugging services or sweeps at your home or conference room. There are many cheap anti-bugging devices on the internet but these bug detectors can only detect a very limited amount of spy gadgets currently available in the market. Don’t settle for less and hire our professional anti-spy services. We offer sweeps in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Broward, Kendall, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, south Florida and other cities and states. Our home debugging services are applies by state-of-the-art equipment and counter surveillance experience. Call us and feel safe and secure once again from wiretaps, spy cams, bugs, electronic listening devices and telephone wiretaps

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