April 8, 2009

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Background Investigations

Background Investigation Services, Criminal Record Searches and Background Check Services from our Private Investigators


Background investigations are some of our most requested services that need special attention. Background checks often offer unexpected information on a subject, spouse,  job applicant, claimant or other person. Criminal background Investigations may include criminal records, employment histories, lawsuits, prior reported addresses, gaps of employment and other information not stated on the application.


We may investigate any person you have doubts on or need to check up on in Miami Florida, The united States or South America or nationwide !


Background check services may also reveal employer education history verification, prior workers compensation claims, drivers license verification, professional license check, motor vehicle driving records, criminal record reports, national sex offender registry status, and more.


Some of the most common record searched include;




• Credit Check

• Background Check

• Background Investigation

• Sex Offender Report

• Motor Vehicle Report

• Nationwide Criminal Records

• Driving Record

• Criminal Search

• Background Checks Online

• Pre-Employment Background Screening

• Criminal Background Report

• Statewide Criminal Records

• Employee Criminal Record

• National Criminal Records

• Background Search

• Background Verification

• Instant Background Checks

• Human Resources Background Check

• Employment Screening

• Pre-Employment Background Checks

• Nationwide Background Checks

• Criminal Background Check

• Criminal History

• Criminal Record

• Background Screening

• Employee Background Check

• National Background Check

• Background Reports

 • Public Criminal Records

• State Criminal Records

• Employee Pre-Screening

• Employee Background Screening

• Personal Background Checks

• Criminal Record Search

• Statewide Criminal Record Searches


Background investigations are crucial if your company is seeking prospective employees.


We offer Criminal History Searches and background investigation solutions and record searches on people, spouses, dates, neighbors, defendants, plantiffs, employees, witnesses and anyone other person.

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