May 16, 2009

Child Custody Investigation Services

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Hire Child Custody Investigation for Child Custody or Spouse Visitation issues.

Our Child Custody Private Investigators deliver solid facts and assist family lawyers  and spouses who require Child Custody Investigations. We help with Child Visitation Investigation, Child Support Issues, proving Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations, to help spouses obtain supervised visitation and sole child custody.


Our Child Custody Investigators provide documented evidence and proof of persons incriminating behaviors in relation to the child. We can offer child custody surveillance which may reveal unwarranted behaviors regarding the parent. We investigate deadbeat fathers, mothers and parents.


Child Custody and Visitation Investigation: Child custody and visitation investigations are very common in a divorce or custody dispute. Whenever determining the custody of a minor is required by a judge or court, there is only one standard noted…the best interest of the child. AllStar will find the evidence by way of child custody and visitation investigations that will support the facts.


Private Investigative Services by our expert detective will help you find prior criminal records, DUI charges; proof of drinking and drugs, stalking, Domestic violence, sex offenses and other background searches that may be determine potential child abuse and neglect from a parent. The Probate and Family Court can be a long process when one parent is trying to prove to the courts that the other parent is unfit at handling the child in an acceptable manner. The court need to ensure the child has a safe and stable environment to grow up in. In conclusion, the child’s interests is all that matter. Child neglect and abuse is a very difficult thing to the court. But our Child Custody Investigators are experienced fact finders that can investigate child neglect or custody matters easily. Start a Child Custody and Visitation Investigations or Child Abuse Investigation with our PI firm. Many parents regularly will accuse the other in the courtroom in order to win their case. The courts will evaluate the accusations and determine if there is a need to stop visitation with the other parent. They may also choose to change the visitation to supervised, or alter the visits and custody as necessary. During the Child Custody or Visitation Investigation, our detective may choose to interview relatives, doctors, neighbors, family, friends, School Personnel, nanny, day care workers, psychologists and other people who have contact with the children. Whenever possible, the courts will elect to keep the children in a suitable household at both parents’ residences. Call our PI’s for help 24 hours a day with your Child Custody Investigation or Child Neglect Investigation or surveillance.


Child Custody Investigation Services



AllStar provides clients with confidential and professional detective services like no other detective agencies. Our Investigations include; Infidelity Investigations, Matrimonial Investigations, Premarital Investigations, Investigating Dead beats, video surveillance, Child Custody and Support, Internet Dating, Child Neglect Investigations, Child Abuse Investigation, Alimony Reduction, Criminal Background Searches and High Profile Cases. 



Our Child Custody Investigator will discretely gather the evidence needed to help you with your case and help take care of the welfare of the children.  Whether you live in Miami, Kendall, Ft Lauderdale, Fort pierce, Palm beach county, Boca Raton, Vero Beach, Wellington, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, California, Houston, Dallas, Texas, Las Vegas, South Florida, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico or any other states. We have nationwide affiliate Investigators to investigate child custody matters in places like; Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Illinois, Indiana, Detroit, Rhode Island, Georgia, Washington D.C, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Colorado, Denver, Cancun, Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, Argentina and other areas in the united States and Central / South America.


Hiring an Investigator is easy….Start a Child Custody and Visitation Investigations Free Consultation by calling our offices. A Detective from our company will offer information and services 24 hours a day!

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