May 28, 2009

miami security school for class d license miami g license class

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Security Guard Class Miami Security Guard Courses & Training

Need information on Miami Security guard training, Miami Security Classes or Miami Security Guard Course or guard courses in south Florida ? Security job Training and protection training may be offered by a Miami Security School ( Guard schools ) that teach the security guard officer license, D license, G license, firearms course, concealed weapons course or other similar security courses in Miami Florida.

Miami Security Classes & D License Training Information offered by our Miami Security School :

Security Guard D Class (24 hour)
Security Guard D (16 hr recertification)
Firearm G license (28 hour Class)
Firearm G Course (4 hr Requalification)
D license Renewal Courses
Miami Class D License Renewal
Miami Class G License Renewal
Private Investigator Course
Miami Unarmed Class D License
Miami armed Class G License renewal class
Miami Concealed Weapons Course CCW
Miami Class G Recertification
Carry Concealed Weapon Course (CCW)
Statewide Firearm License Training (G)

Looking for security schools in Florida ?…Call 305-264-7878 and to get your florida d licence class or g licence trainingcourse …….Start a new Miami security job or bodyguard career with our security guard company….Get your D icense class or G License Class at our Miami Security School today.

Skip Trace Find Missing Persons Investigations Find People Locate Person Orlando Tampa Naples Miami South Florida

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Orlando Investigators can provide Orlando Skip trace services, Find Person, Search missing Persons in Orlando Locate witness or Find People? Call a Orlando Detective now for investigation services in Kissimmee Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Miami, south Florida or other states.

Our Orlando Private Investigators search and Find people services in Orlando Florida, Naples, Tampa, Miami dade, broward County, Palm beach, south Florida and other cities and states.

Our Orlando detective services find people, locate defendants and witnesses with due diligence and Private Investigator searches or detective services in Orlando gardens.

Hire our Orlando Skip Tracers, database researchers, people finders,  people locaters, private detective or private investigator consultant that offer skiptracing services used to find, locate and search for missing people, witness, defendant or other person. Our detective Agency has operatives and licensed professional specialists in finding people or skiptracing person, witness, defendants, deadbeat dads, dead beat parents and other persons lost or missing. We find hard to find skips, locate bail bond skips, find evasive defendants, locate missing claimants, find cheating spouses and more anywhere in the United States and nationwide.

Orlando Skip tracing is what our investigators do for attorneys, bail bondsmen, bail agencies, lawyers, law firms, corporations, spouse or other persons needing to find a missing person or locate missing people by way of skip tracing. Our missing persons Detectives master the art and process of locating a person’s whereabouts, location, employer, residence, home, telephone, landline, cellular number, family relatives, prior jobs, assets, vehicles or other person’s data.

Whether you need to locate a lost person for legal or personal reasons, our missing person investigations and due diligence services can find them fast and efficiently! Stop hiring Orlando Gardens private investigators online or Private Investigators in Florida without experience. Our expert private investigators help find missing people, search deadbeats, locating witnesses, locate lost girlfriend, boyfriend, finding defendants and searching for lost friend, spouse, exgirlfriend, ex boyfriend, school friends, colleagues,  associates and family members. A skip tracer from our company is someone who you can trust to perform an array of searches to get a persons cellular number, get persons land line number, person’s primary occupation or find persons employment. Find someone’s location, home or current job by way of skip tracing people. No other Florida detective Agency can match our skip tracing or skip tracer services.

Orlando Skip tracing tactics are used by bail bonds men, Orlando Detectives, process servers, police officers, undercover agents, debt collectors, banks, bail bond enforcers, insurance companies, bounty hunting, DEA, CIA, ATF, private investigators, insurance companies, attorneys, corporations, banks, police detectives, detective agencies or any person needing to perform any investigation in efforts of locating a subject with limited contact information.

Orlando Florida skip-tracing services and methods

Orlando Skip tracing is available to those people needing to gather info on someone or those collecting information or data on a subject needed to be found. The Skip tracing job we offer is much more than basic research offered by other Florida detective agencies or private eye companies. We have private eyes, PI’s and experts in covert undercover investigations, video surveillance and other under cover tactics involving calling or visiting an ex spouse, former neighbors, friends, employers or other known people or contacts who may assist our PI’s in finding a missing subject or lost people. Other company Investigator sometimes use an art known as Pre-texting which means to gather info under false or misleading pretenses – also known as Pre-texting or pre-text.

Get the facts today! Our Florida skip tracing tactics are by far the best and always legal especially when used for service of process, court, trial, legal ceases, criminal cases and lawful private investigation matters.

Orlando skip tracers search Public Records, Proprietary database services and other databases to gather info on any person. Other data bases used include phone number databases, national comprehensive report, credit card application, social security, utility bills (electricity, cable, sewage, gas, phone, water, internet), job application information, property records, credit reports, information provided on a loan application,  criminal background checks, debt collector databases, disability records, public tax information, court records and more. Some investigators from other detective agencies find people by cell phone records, cellular record, cell phones call logs, CNA – customer name and address, unlisted telephone number trace, non published numbers, cell phone logs, caller ID spoofing, calling cards, statements and other records in hialaeh.

We find people and offer skip trace services for private investigators, debt collectors, security companies, bounty hunter, process servers, insurance claim reps, adjusters and more. Other local and national “skip tracers” do not have our resources and experience.

Orlando Skip tracing or Orlando Skip tracing is a discreet, professional and confidential service delivered with diligent efforts by a licensed investigator who is highly trained professional skip tracer. Call a skip trace professional from our firm for the best results in Skip tracing services. We have 88% success rate in finding missing persons, lost people, find person missing or search someone online, the U.S or in Florida. Orlando Skip Tracing Services available to anyone needing to find someone or have a persons Florida background researched and retrieved in Haialeah Garden.

Orlando licensed private Investigators offer nationwide skip tracing such as;

Orlando civil court records search

Orlando Vehicle tag Search

Orlando Locate Witness

Orlando locate people services

Orlando Court filing services

Orlando skip tracing services

Orlando process server services

Orlando court Summons service

Orlando Court filing services

Heialeah telephone verification services

Orlando employee and tenant screening services

Orlando DMV records research

Orlando People Search services

Find and serve a witness Orlando

Find and Serve a defendant Orlando

Orlando license tag number information

Orlando tag number trace

Orlando background check services

Orlando property records and neighborhood information research

Orlando lifestyle investigations

Orlando process serving

Serve records subpoena Orlando

Serve witness subpoena Orlando Garden

Serve summons Orlando

Orlando criminal police and court records research

Orlando court records retrieval

Orlando Social security number verification and research

Orlando address verification and confirmation services

Orlando vehicle registration and title research

Orlando Subpoena server

Orlando internet research and private investigations

Orlando police records found

Orlando Missing Person Services and Skip trace Services offered by Hialea professional skip tracers, detectives, bail agents, bondsman, process servers, private Investigators, repo agents and Haialea skip trace professionals offering nationwide locate services.

Orlando process servers, Orlando Bail bondsmen and private investigators offer nationwide locate searches, find missing people services, skip-tracing and find people services online and off line. Florida professional skip tracers at our Orlando detective agency are here to find people by way of skip tracing for people who require nationwide Process Server services or nationwide private investigation services.

Contact our Florida Skip Trace Agency for rates and fees on our Florida skip trace services. We perform investigative service in Orlando, Orlandogardens, Margate ,  Boynton Beach , Coconut Creek , Coconut Grove , Cooper city , Coral Gables , Pinecrest, Coral Springs , Cutler Bay, Cutler Ridge , Dania, Davie , Port Saint Lucie, Deerfield Beach , Doral, Fort Lauderdale , Homestead , Ft. Myers , North Palm Beach , Fort Pierce , Hallandale Beach , Palm Springs North, Little havana, La Calle ocho, La pequena havana, Sweetwater, West Palm Beach , Pembroke Pines , West Chester, North Orlando , South Orlando , Hollywood Florida, South Beach , tampa, naples, , Wynwood, Orlando Gardens , Sunrise , Surfside , Sunny Isles Beach , Islamorada , Kendall , Key Biscayne , Key Largo , Naranja , Hialia North Bay Village , Key West , Lake Worth , Lauderdale-by-the-Sea , Lauderhill , Lehigh Acres, Tamarac , West Palm Beach , Weston , Orlando Design District, Marathon key, Medley, Miramar , kissimmee, Opa Locka , South Florida , Perrine , South Orlando , Broward Fl Wilton Manors, Tamarac, Tallahassee, westchester, Florida City  and Palmetto bay area. You will be helped by a professional Orlandoskip tracer or skiptrace expert from our Orlandos Private Investigation Agency.

Investigators Orlando Private Investigator Orlando Private Detective Services

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Orlando Private Investigators specialize in video surveillance, criminal background checks nationwide, locating missing persons online, record searches, and Marital infidelity investigations. Our Detectives can assist you if you need to locate a person, find people, locate a persons employer, video surveillance services throughout Orlando, Tampa, Naples and South Florida. Our Orlando Private Investigators can discreetly investigate a person and obtain information to help you with any investigation required for your peace of mind. You may easily order a people search, video surveillance, background check in Orlando Florida or any other state directly from our Detective Website. An Orlando investigator can perform civil investigations, criminal investigations, domestic investigations, corporate investigations and child support investigations. Other Investigative services include insurance fraud investigations, undercover investigations, spousal surveillance, marital infidelity, cellular phone traces, phone number trace, research and many more Due Diligence Searches. Missing Person Search or people search can be done by ordering a people address search, people search by background check, people search by social security number, person search by name, public record search, free public records and other skip trace searches in Orlando Fl or the United States.


Orlando Florida private investigators can initiate background checks with minor information such as a first name, prior address, cell phone number, land line telephone number, vehicle tag number, reverse number trace, unpublished number trace, or any other search on a person. Our Orlando Private Investigation Company conducts database background check investigations online and trace cellular phone numbers or trace land line phones in efforts to assist clients and thus obtain the proof and evidence required to prove, theft, infidelity, cheating spouse, child neglect, domestic violence, vandalism and more. Speak with a Orlando Private Investigator or a private detective today. Our Private Detective Services are very effective and well priced. Our Orlando Florida Detective Agency is here to assist clients with any investigation services needed. Our Orlando Investigation Company is well trusted and our private detective consultants have appeared in numerous media appearances for our outstanding Private Investigators in Orlando Fl and South Florida. Services are provided in Orlando-Dade, Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Homestead, Pembroke Pines, South Florida and nationwide with our vast network of affiliate investigator consultants.


Have an Orlando investigator or private detective in Kissimmee to perform a background check on your spouse, neighbor, tenants, friends, employees or perform a pre-marital investigation and obtain the facts about a person before it is too late. An Orlando Private Investigator can be your best friend when it comes to obtaining concrete facts and video surveillance evidence.  Place a quick call now to our private Investigation Agency and a Florida private investigator can conduct a background check nationwide, a video surveillance, a cell phone number trace, install hidden surveillance cameras or provide you with surveillance spy products and counter surveillance products found on our website such as, GPS vehicle Trackers, Covert cameras, Hidden camera, Spy Software, Computer Spy Software and many more counter surveillance products from our full service spy shop. The Florida private investigators can identify potential theft, identify signs of infidelity, investigate marital affairs, an employee or any person and make an informed decision so you may restore your mental peace.


Orlando Private Investigations


Some of our most common Orlando Private Investigations are: Background Checks, Child Custody Investigations, Debugging, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Employment Investigation, Insurance Fraud, Infidelity Investigations, Locate Witness, and Locate Lost Persons.


Orlando Florida Private Investigators from our Detective Agency specialize in: Computer forensic examiner, forensic computer service, Florida private investigations, bug detection, tscm, Florida workers compensation investigations, debugging, electronic counter measures, marital infidelity, cheating spouses, domestic, Florida investigations, infidelity surveillance, background checks, employment screening and Florida criminal record search. Other Domestic Investigations include: If you suspect cheaters, a Cheating Wife, Unfaithful Spouse, Cheating Husband, Unfaithful husband, Marital Infidelity, adultery, affairs and matrimonial Investigations, you need to hire a domestic investigation. Hire a Orlando Private Investigator online or visit our Orlando Spy Shop today and review our extensive surveillance products, CCTV Surveillance Products, hidden cameras, spy equipment, GPS vehicle Trackers, GPS Tracking devices and more. All of our surveillance products and investigative service may be ordered on the internet easily on our web site.


About Orlando Florida Private Investigators:


A Orlando Florida Private Investigator is a licensed professional investigator trained in the art of surveillance and investigation service. Licensing is a requirement in Florida. Also, certain qualifications, training and experience are definitely required to be a licensed private investigator in Florida. A Orlando Florida private investigator’s training is usually a combination of field experience and due diligence research experience. Some private detectives may also have prior experience in loss prevention or similar investigative services. Most Kissimmee Detectives have a diversity of background experience ranging from surveillance, locating missing persons, skip tracing, undercover operations, infidelity investigations, civil investigations, marital affairs, domestic cases, child custody, child neglect, insurance fraud, workers comp investigation, personal injury investigation, bug detection, debugging, bug sweeps, cheating spouse, and other private detective services. Usually, the private eyes experience comes from military background, law enforcement background or and research backgrounds. The prime duty of a Orlando Florida private eye, is to take whatever information is provided by the client and then proceed to attempt to uncover whatever information or evidence is required by the client in a timely and discreet manner without alerting the subject. All Private investigative work is always 100% confidential, undercover and totally discreet.


Why choose our Detective Company as your Orlando private investigator?

Orlando Florida Private Investigators from our Detective Agency can get you the proof and evidence needed in a discreet fashion guaranteed at a competitive price. Our Orlando Detectives are trained, licensed and equipped with hi-tech surveillance equipment, hidden cameras, infra-red cameras and GPS Vehicle Trackers in efforts to obtain the evidence and proof required by our clients. Our Investigation Company and Private eyes are confident that we can make the difference in your case. Our firm serves law firms in Orlando and attorneys in Tampa, Naples and South Florida when they require our assistance from our vast selection of investigative service, surveillance and court house record searches. Our Orlando Detective Agency will bring a resolution to your case and stop the pain of not knowing the truth. Don’t be embarrassed to call our agency. No matter what your situation may be, we encourage you to pick up the telephone and call our Private Investigation Company to speak to a private investigator about your concerns. Your concern is our business and we are in the business of fixing your concerns by bringing you facts so that you can make a justified determination through our investigative services in Orlando. Hire a Orlando Private Investigator now. Orlando Investigation Services or detective service such as and video surveillance is also conducted in South Florida, Hialeah, south Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Orlando-Dade, Broward County, Kissimmee Pinecrest, Aventura Florida, Homestead, North Orlando, Hallandale Beach, Key West, West Palm Beach and all of South Florida.


Infidelity Cheating Spouse Investigations

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Infidelity, Cheating Spouse Investigations

Need to investigate cheating spouse on Infidelity. Infidelity Investigators at our detective agency investigate cheaters (cheating spouse) hire spousal investigations or surveillance today. 

Are you are a wife or husband requiring information on infidelity / cheating spouse investigator, signs of infidelity or adultery ?…please call our adultery detectives for answers on possible affairs in the marriage. Get the answers and avoid divorce. We investigate cheating spouses – cheaters in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, South Florida and have undercover PI affiliates nationwide to investigate your case anywhere you live.

Do you have a Cheating Spouse ?

Todays Spouses Need to Know About Cheaters or Affairs

If you are thinking that your spouse may be cheating we know you are in pain. For the spouse who has a suspicion that their spouse is unfaithful…we will enlighten you by telling you that you may be correct or incorrect about adultry from your mate. According to statistics, over 20 percent of married men and 13 percent of married women have cheated or been unfaithful to their husband or wife. Whatsmore…. research has suggested that the numbers of cheaters are getting bigger. Proven studies have prooved that over 55 percent of men and 35 percent of women will have an affair or cheat in the relationship or marriage at least once. Even though the affairs related to wives or husbands keeps rising and have become obvious in society…married women and married men still do not usually expect  their spouse’s unfaithfulness actions until it blows up in their face and ends up in sudden breakup or divorce. We will investigate unfaithful spouses, lovers, date, mistress, partner, exspouse, friend or just about anyone who commits adultery or extra-marital affairs. Some of our infidelity investigation services include, infidelity spouse surveillance, premarital background check, pre-marital surveillance, spousal surveillance, GPS spouse Tracking, work related affairs, workplace infidelity and internet dating on web sites such as yellowpages, myspace, facebook, twitter, linkedin, hifive, google, yahoo, msn, altavista and other social network sites online. 

It is a fact that marital infidelity is a serious issue for spouses to cope with. In todays society, millions of Americans have virtual encounters on the internet with a potential lover and therefore seek out “emotional affairs” , workplace infidelity – sex or sexual relationships.

Is my husband or wife cheating or having an affair ?

Our Expert Infidelity Investigators say that 9 out of 10 times when a spouse suspects the partner is cheating in the marriage… they are usually always correct. Our Private Investigators and Marital infidelity experts have investigated many many marital problems and cases involving unfaitfull spouses. Our experts admit that instinct seems to a great indicator of an extramarital affair. Adultery studies have confirmed that a large percent of women and men who suspected that their significant other, partner. lover or date was cheating were ultimately correct. Sometimes the evidence is right in your face..If you think an affair is affecting your relationship, you may also notice signs of adultery.

Some signs of infidelity commonly experienced by spouses include;

Spouse or partner changes their habits, clothing style, hygiene, and sexual preferences
Spouse or partner shows signs of guilt or has bad attitude
Spouse has new interest in working out at gym
Spouse spends odd late hours at the job
Spouse suddenly stops answering his cellular phone when not at home
Spouse hides the cellphone or turns it off while at home
Spouse or partner suddenly has a number of new interests
Spouse spends late hours onthe internet visiting strange websites, porn / sex pornographic web site or surfing, texting or chatting online
Husband or wife does not answer the telephone calls or cell phone call.

How to Find Out if spouse is cheating – infidelety

If you suspect that your spouse is unfaithful, you should not alert your husband or wife…You should first contact a licensed private investigator and obtain a consultation and learn about your options and rights.

Cheating spouse surveillance. An Infidelity private investigator can watch your cheating spouse throughout a number of hours or days and thus confirm your doubts of adultary. Our PI’s will gather the evidence you need. Do not go by your own suspicions..hire the professionals to give you the results. Cheating spouse evidence. Confirming a cheating spouse with video surveillance or spousal surveillance service is the best evidence. A spouse caught on tape is not a very easy thing to go through for amy person, but if an investigator can uncover proof of infidelity, the matrimonial infidelity evidence can help you cope and deal with a better divorce settlement and thus give you better tools for mediation against your chearing mate. When a private investigator from our matrimonial investigation agency finds concrete proof of cheating spouse, we turn it over to the client or the clients marital infidelity attorney or family lawyer. On the other hand, if the matrimonial private investigator that worked the case confirms that your spouse is faithful, we deliver peace of mind that will help the client get over the spouses suspicion of infedility.

Cheating spouse investigations. Stop living in fear and doubt…stop the lies and the agony of living with a cheater…catch a cheating husband or catch a cheating wife…Hire a professional investigator from AllStar Investigations and get the facts. The Matrimonial investigator will use professional investigative techniques, spouse video surveillance, due diligence, GPS Vehicle Tracking, computer spy software and decoys to find out whether your spouse in unfaithful or loyal. Stop the enfidelity…Many spouses hire a professional investigator to catch a cheating spouse.

Catch Cheating spouse. If you feel you need help on your affair suspicion and think your spouse is cheating…you should not confront your cheating partner. If think your cheating spouse in unfaithful you need to investigate him or her and get solid proof of infidelity. Do not let doubts of adultery or cheating spouse affecting your relationship or causing agony, frustration or stress…contact our matrimonial detective agency and speaking with a private investigator for help with a cheating spouse.

When you go to see a cheating spouse private investigator about a cheating spouse, you will be handled with respect. The investigator will practice total discretion and listen to your worries or suspicions.

Our affair private eye or extramarital Detective will confirm your doubt and investigate your spouse in a discreet fashion.

Is your partner cheating? If you have suspicions on your partner… your very own doubts will probably ruin your relationship…

that is why you need answers before you charge them with being unfaithful. our detectives know all the signs..We have a listing of private detectives and a Directory of private investigators and affiliates to help investigate spouse and get proof of cheating spouse. Investigation Services available in Miami, Broward, Fort Lauderdale, palm beach County, Port St Lucie, Kendall, Homestead, pinecrest, Coral gables, parkland, wellington, Deerfield beach, Doral, Weston, Boca Raton, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Ft Pierce, Hiealeah, Vero beach, Brevard, lee, monroe, hendry, indian river county, Dallas, Texas, San Juan, Puerto Rico, california, Houston, Detroit, Bahamas, Venezuela, Dominican republic, Costa rica, south Florida and more. Our cheaters detective agency is here to help with a cheating husband or cheating wife…stop being paranoid and call a marital infidelity consultant from our PI firm.
Looking for an Infidelity Investigator?

A marital Investigator can help if you suspect that a spouse is cheating, deadbeat parent is not fit as a parent, nanny or babysitter is abusive to children, teenager children are doing drugs, employee is dishonest or any other matters.

find an Infidelity Investigator and stop the cheater from getting away with being unfaithful with the extra marital affairs. Hire a Matrimonial Private Detective or marital infidelity investigator today.

May 27, 2009

miami security guard miami security guards miami security services miami security company

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Miami Security Guards, unarmed guards, armed security guard, professional security officers, security guard services, guard officer with Class D License, G License Class in Miami and south Florida.


Miami Security Guard Miami Security Officer Services


Hire our Miami Security Company for Permanent or Temporary Guard Service in Miami, Broward, Ft Lauderdale, Kendall, Doral, Weston, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Pompano Beach and south Florida


Our Miami Security Guard Company is the leading security guard management service in Florida. We are a private security company serving Miami and the entire state of Florida. Hire a Professional Security Officer for your home, residential community, hotel, parking lot, hi-rise, special event, vip venue, bar, restaurant, night club, corporate meeting, gala or other venues. Call for information on Miami Security Guard Services Provision and Management. We staff expert security managers & experienced security supervisors for your post.


AllStar offers Miami Security Officers and guards, plain-clothe or uniformed officers, patrol officer, complete guard services, both armed and unarmed guards, to an array of companies and facilities in the United States,



Our clients will receive a high level of security service with licensed and trained security officers and security guards who perform effectively. Other guard companies do not measure up with our Security Management Services and economical rates. Our security officer and guard management team are trained for all low or high risk jobs.       



Our Miami Security Guard Agency provides a highly trained force of security officers, guards, supervisors, bodyguards, loss prevention officers, managers and other staff to secure and protect properties, corporations, and organizations in Florida. We serve many public and private organizations that have trusted our Miami security firm to provide security for their employees, family and assets.



SECURITY GUARD COMPANY – Our Miami Security Company offers Security Guard Services Miami such as; Armed and Unarmed Security Officers and Security Guards, Patrolling, Personal Protection, VIP Protection Service, Strike Force Services, Armed and Unarmed Security Guards for Strikes, Alarm Response, Workplace security, labor disputes, Special Operations Security Services, celebrity security, escort transportation, executive protection and private investigation services. Security Guard & Security Services provided for: Homes, Buildings, condominiums, parking lots, clubs, hospitals, health care, bars, apartments, motels, businesses, law firms, attorneys, schools, Regional and National Entertainment Venues, Industrial & Commercial Facilities, Government Facilities, Aerospace & High Security Facilities, Utilities,  Energy, Electric, Gas, Water, Major Office Buildings & Complexes, Financial Institutions, restaurants & other institutions or organizations. Our agency offers expert witnesses, special operations, risk assessment, security assessment, risk analysis,  security consulting and other types of security services not provided by most Florida and Miami Security Agencies. We have a complete range of security consulting and protection services. If looking to hire security guard companies florida…other companies do not match our service…



Other Miami Security Companies can’t compete with our quality services.


Security Officer Miami Guard Services include; Patroling, Security Management Services,  Security Assessment Services, Close Protection, Retail Security, Security Officer & Guard Services for events, Security Investigations, video surveillance, Security & Risk Consulting Services, hiprofile security, low profile security, Special Operations Security Services, Employee Background Screening, Due Diligence Investigations, Security Expert Witness Services and undercover operations by our Miami private Investigation division.


Miami Security – Servicios de seguridad miami – Guardia de seguridad miami – Call for Security Guard Services Miami

servicios de seguridad privada guardias de seguridad

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Nuestra empresa de seguridad provee servicios de sguardia de seguridad privada. Somos una compañía professional de seguridad privada y investigacion privada con éxito probado en servicios de investigacion privada, guardaespaldas, seguridad personal y guardias de seguridad uniformados.

Somos una compania de seguridad privada con licencia, experienca y seguro. les podemos brindar todos servicios de seguridad y consejo de seguridad a todo cliente que requiere proteccion privada.

El propósito de nuestra compania de seguridaproteccion privada miami, d es de prevenir problemas antes de que sucedan. Llamenos para seguridad personal hoy…Nuestros agentes de seguridad e investigadores privados tienen la experiencia operacional necesaria para poder realizar varios tipos de investigaciónes privadas en cualquier estado o ciudad o servicio de seguridad privada. Ademas, tenemos la capacidad de proveeer servicios de seguridad con guardias de seguridad uniformados, guardias de seguridad sin uniforme, guardias armadas y guardias no armados. Contrate seguridad Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Broward, Miami Beach, Florida o otro estado……Todos los oficiales de seguridad son licenciados para protejer personas y propiedades.

Home Bug Sweep Bug Sweep Detection

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Bug Sweep Detection Services is a common service requested for a home or office. Our Home Bug Sweep Services and office bug sweep service is very effective at finding hidden or covert bugs, phone line taps, listening devices, audio recorders and more spy gadgets sold at spyshops or online spy stores. Spy listening devices, spy gear or spy gadgets are more commonly known as bugs. The spy bugs are used to gather specific information from people or companies such as trade secrets, confidential information, client lists and vital company information.


Our Private Investigation agency has licensed private investigators that offer an array of Bug Sweep Detection Services, bug sweep and undercover investigation services such as TSCM and or bug sweep services. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is the service provided by our expert technicians and private detectives to effectively locate and detect eavesdropping equipment, hidden cameras, nanny cams, gps vehicle trackers, covert listening devices, bugs, phoneline tap, cellular phone tap, and spy cams. Get de bugging services today…Are you being bugged? Do you feel like you are being watched? Stop being paranoid that you are bugges. Hire our de-bugging services today and stop Industrial espionage or electronic eavesdropping surveillance. We detect Telephone wiretapping and spy cams surveillance devices and  bugging equipment that are planted anywhere.


Our de bugging expert team of bug detection service experts will detect bugs or spy equipment in any area within a home, car, company vehicle, office or business. We have found and detected many wiretap devices, nany cams, spy cameras, gps tracking devices, covert listening devices and spy gadgets sold online. Call us for de bugging counter industrial espionage or debugging information and stop the risk of loss of valuable trade secrets or data.


Our Investigation Agency may detect Surveillance equipment hidden inside any items such as; a pen spy camera, smoke detector camera, lamp spy camera, clock spy camera, and other devices. Digital voice activated audio recorders, gsm bugs,  and covert listening devices can be planted under a desk or furniture in your room or office area. Also a telephone phone wiretap can be placed anywhere along your homes or offices phone line. Do not be a victim or prey of spying or bugging. Hire our counter espionage experts for de-bugging services or sweeps at your home or conference room. There are many cheap anti-bugging devices on the internet but these bug detectors can only detect a very limited amount of spy gadgets currently available in the market. Don’t settle for less and hire our professional anti-spy services. We offer sweeps in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Broward, Kendall, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, south Florida and other cities and states. Our home debugging services are applies by state-of-the-art equipment and counter surveillance experience. Call us and feel safe and secure once again from wiretaps, spy cams, bugs, electronic listening devices and telephone wiretaps

investigator coral gables private investigator

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Coral Gables Investigation Service – Private Investigator Coral Gables

Looking for Coral Gables Investigation Services ?

Coral Gables Private Investigators – Coral Gables Investigators – Coral Gables Investigation Services and Private Detectives South Florida and investigation service in other states.

Coral Gables Investigation Services include; matrimonial Infidelity, cheating spouse, bodily / personal Injury, marital, workers’ compensation, claim fraud, wrongful death, Insurance, asset searches, due diligence, accident reconstruction, pre-employment, background, bankruptcy, business intelligence, Computer Forensic, Auto liability, non-published number trace, cellphone or land line number search, phone number lookup, missing persons, notarized witness statements, criminal record search, child support enforcement / custody, children neglect, data bases, spousal abuse, disability & Death cases, catch cheaters, debugging, education verification, Divorce case, electronic tracking, bug sweeping, fidelity, embezzlement, cheaters, decoy, estate, financial, mystery shopping, false claims and prior conviction histories. Other Coral Gables Investigations include; Locate witness, back injury, medical malpractice, work comp, marriage, unfaithful husbands & wives – extramarital affair, slip and fall, piracy, counterfeiting, computer data recovery, adultery proof, Interviewing, free public records, tenant, theft, security guards, install Home CCTV Security Cameras, DNA paternity testing, premarital Surveillance, vehicle tracking, photography, witness statements, counterfeit, checkmate, anti wiretapping, residence bug sweeps, rent covert spy equipment and other investigative products or services that work for spouses, legal counsel, companies & other local Coral Gables Private Investigators. Our Coral Gables Private Investigations Agency will gather evidence and obtain proof for court trial. Coral Gables Investigators investigate cheaters, unfaithful wives / husbands, deadbeat parent, claimant, girlfriend, exspouse, deadbeat parent, boyfriend or fiancée

Call our Coral Gables detectives for services in Florida or other state

800-743-2313 or  305-262-4779

Coral Gables Investigation Services are delivered by our Coral Gables private detective. Our Coral Gables Investigators work hard to get you the facts. Our Coral Gables Private Investigation Company is your best solution when needing to hire private investigation services in Coral Gables Florida or south Florida.

Coral Gables Investigation Services include; video surveillance, detective services, spy surveillance products and record searches in the United States and nationwide.

Our Coral Gables Private Investigators and Private Detectives are hired for many undercover private investigations which effectively confirm the facts clients request. Coral Gables Investigation Services can investigate persons, investigate spouses, investigate employees, investigate corporations, etc,…… simply stated, our Coral Gables Investigators will obtain the evidence needed

Our Coral Gables Private Investigators and Detective associates have been featured in several talk shows and media appearances for our superior investigation services in Coral Gables, Kendall, Weston, Doral, Lake Worth, Hialeah, Coral Gables beach, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Deerfield Beach, Hallandale, Coral Springs, Broward County, Port St lucie, naples, Cape Coral, Tampa, Sunrise, Cooper City, Ft Lauderdale, South Florida and other states nationwide. We can assist with marital infidelity investigations, cheating spouses, claim fraud, personal injury investigations, auto accident claims, locate missing persons and other investigative service in Coral Gables Florida. We are the best Coral Gables Detective Agency.

Coral Gables Investigation Services can be conducted in most cities throughout the United States. Our Coral Gables private investigators have the ability, experience and technology to gather the evidence and resolve every case effectively. We can investigate a cheating spouse, husband, wife, employee, nanny, claimant, witness or other person. contrata un Coral Gables Investigador Privado hoy !


cheating spouse investigations miami florida infidelity investigator south florida marital infidelity matrimonial spousal surveillance

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Florida Private Investigator delivering cheating spouse or lover investigation specialists in surveillance, adultery, marital affairs and unfaithful spouses. Services available nationwide. Our Matrimonial Investigators help catch a cheating spouse, husband, wife, date, partner, lovers, mistress, boyfriend or girlfriend who is cheating in any state. Find out if infidelity, cheating or adultery is affecting your marriage or relationship. Contract licensed Private Investigators in Florida from our detective Agency to help catch a cheater in your area. For Matrimonial Investigation Services…call our detectives at;  800-743-2313


Florida Private Investigator for cheating spouse, cheating girl friend, boyfriend, exwife, coworker and cheating spouse cases. We investigate spouses in Miami Florida area.


Hire our licensed Florida Private Investigators today and get the facts at cost effective rates. We offer infidelity investigations, matrimonial investigations, spousal surveillance, GPS Vehicle Tracking, covert hidden cameras, audio surveillance and more. Our firm services Miami, Kendall, Miami Beach, Homestead, North Miami Beach FL, Hialeah, Doral, Davie, Deerfield Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Plantation, Sunrise, Miramar, Pembroke Pines and south Florida. Feel free to contact a cheating spouse investigator for a consultation. Our Investigator can help find signs of infidelity and thus help you catch a cheater in your relationship.


Our Detectives use hi-tech technology to get the proof and evidence expected on your case. Spy Surveillance Products used include; GPS trackers, nanny cams, covert and hidden cams, car tracking devices, audio recorders, computer spy software and other gadgets available at our Miami SpyShops. Our Florida Marital Investigator or detectives in your area will assist you with your cheating spouse investigation and get evidence from a cheating husband, wife or spouse. Stop the lies, cheating and affair with our investigator consultant.



Are you feeling paranoid ? Are you being cheated on ? Catch a cheating spouse in Miami or Miami Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Port St Lucie, Broward County, North Miami Beach or south Florida area. Our video surveillance, spousal surveillance and infidelity investigation rates are very economical. We are experts at cheating husband investigations and cheating wife investigations.

other services; Divorce Investigation Services, Unfaithful spouse investigation and extramarital affair investigation. 


A Florida Private Investigator serving the Miami Florida area With Private Detective Service can investigate in the following areas;


Boca Raton Investigations

Sarasota Investigations

Hialeah Investigations

St Augustine Investigations

St Petersburg Investigations

Cape Coral Investigations

Fort Lauderdale Investigations

Miami Investigations

Naples Investigations

Greenacres Investigations

Bradenton Investigations

Hollywood Investigations

Jacksonville Investigations

Orlando Investigations

Davie Investigations

Pembroke Pines Investigations

Citrus County Investigations

Clearwater Investigations

Daytona Beach Investigations

Ocala Investigations

Sunrise Investigations

Tallahassee Investigations

Tampa Investigations

Deerfield Beach Investigations

West Palm Beach Investigations

Jupiter Investigations

Fort Myers Investigations

Gainesville Investigations

Golden Gate Investigations

Pinecrest Investigations

Lake Worth Investigations

Weston Investigations

Doral Investigations

Pembroke Pines Investigations


Our Private Investigators and Detectives are the finest in town. Need Florida Infidelity Investigation Services, Florida Private Investigators or investigations in any other state ? We can help. Our Firm provides Florida Private Investigators in Miami Florida and have nationwide affiliates to service your area with Florida cheating spouse cases or Infidelity investigations in your city or state. We are a full service FL private investigation agency with experienced private eyes and marital infidelity experts that investigate cheating spouses, unfaithful persons, infidelity and other domestic, civil and criminal cases.

Child Custody Investigators Child Custody Investigation Services

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Looking for Child Custody Investigation Services or having Child Custody or Spouse Visitation issues ? Our Child Custody Investigator and Child Neglect Investigators can investigate child cases in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Broward, Palm beach, South Florida and affiliate detectives in other states.

Hire a Child Custody Private Investigator to obtain the proof you require. Our Child Neglect Investigator may assist family lawyers  and spouses who need Child Custody Investigations and need to investigate a deadbeat parent, husband, wife, exspouse, or any person suspected of neglecting a child or other children related cases. We help with Child Visitation Investigation, Child Support Investigations, proving Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations. Our Private detectives will investigate people to help spouses obtain supervised visitation and sole child custody.


Child Custody Investigators from our private investigation agency will document the evidence and proof required of persons incriminating behaviors in relation to the children. We can offer child custody surveillance, child neglect surveillance, spousal surveillance, children video surveillance, deadbeat parent surveillance and other child custody investigations which may reveal unwarranted behaviors regarding the parent or spouse. Our Investigators investigate deadbeat fathers, mothers, lovers and parents.


Child Custody and Visitation Investigation: Child custody and visitation investigations are very common in a divorce or custody dispute. We investigate a parent or exspouse to get you the evidence needed in court or trial. Whenever determining the custody of a minor is required by a judge or court, there is only one standard noted…and taht is simply to look out for the best interest of the children. AllStar will find the evidence by way of child custody and visitation investigations that will support the facts.

Child Custody Investigation Services

AllStar provides clients with confidential and professional detective services like no other detective agencies. Our Investigations include; Infidelity Investigations, Matrimonial Investigations, Premarital Investigations, Alimony Reduction, Investigating Dead beats, video surveillance, investigating nannys, Child Custody and Support, Internet Dating, Child Neglect Investigations, Child Abuse Investigation, Criminal Background Searches and High Profile Cases.  Our affiliate PI’s have helped spouses in Texas, Naples, Orlando, Tampa, south Florida, Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, California, Detroit, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Nassau, Venezuela, Panama, Washington D.C and other areas.
Private Investigative Services by our expert detective will help you find prior criminal records, DUI charges; proof of drinking and drugs, stalking, Domestic violence, sex offenses and other background searches that may be determine potential child abuse and neglect from a parent. The Probate and Family Court can be a long process when one parent is trying to prove to the courts that the other parent is unfit at handling the child in an acceptable manner. The court need to ensure the child has a safe and stable environment to grow up in. In conclusion, the child’s interests is all that matter. Child neglect and abuse is a very difficult thing to the court. But our Child Custody Investigators are experienced fact finders that can investigate child neglect or custody matters easily.
So what are you waiting for…get the scoop today with our private eyes…
Our Child Custody Investigator will discretely gather the evidence needed to help you with your case and help take care of the welfare of the children.


Call our detective agency and start a Child Custody and Visitation Investigations or Child Abuse Investigation with our PI firm. You children are your world….do not allow for injustice to happen. Many parents regularly will accuse the other in the courtroom in order to win their case. The courts will evaluate the accusations and determine if there is a need to stop visitation with the other parent. The visitation may also be changd to supervised, or alter the visits and custody as necessary. During the Child Custody or Visitation Investigation, our detective may choose to interview relatives, doctors, neighbors, family, friends, School Personnel, nanny, day care workers, psychologists and other people who have contact with the children. Whenever possible, the courts will elect to keep the children in a suitable household at both parents’ residences. Call our Investigators for help 24 hours a day with your Child Custody Investigation or Child Neglect Investigation or surveillance.

Hire a Child Custody Investigator or Child Neglect Investigator from our private detective agency and start a Child Custody and Visitation Investigations. Call our PI office today. A Detective from our company will offer information and services 24 hours a day!

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