April 8, 2009

private investigation services and detective services nationwide

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Find or hire a licensed private investigator for the following investigation services in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Florida or your local city.

Private Detective Services available in your state.

Private Investigation Services include;

Family and Divorce Investigation cases
Civil and criminal Investigations
Adultery Investigations – cheating wife or husband
Spouse Surveillance
Witnesses statements – locate witness 
Child Custody Cases
Personal Injury
Background Investigations
Home Bug Sweep – debugging
Civil Investigations
Slip and Fall claims
Criminal Defense Investigations
Decoy investigation
Debugging of homes and offices
Employee theft Investigations
Runaways located
Polygraph Services
Corporate Investigations
Due Diligence Investigations
Consulting Services
Rural surveillance cases
Mystery Shopping
Insurance Defense Investigations
Workers comp claims
Child Custody and support Investigations
skip trace lost people
Court house research
Undercover operations
Legal research
Criminal history searches 
Routine & Rush process service nationwide
Court house filings & walk thrus
Recorded  & Non recorded statements
Birth Parents located
National Comprehensive searches and locates
Computer forensics
Homicide cases
Hidden camera installation
GPS Vehicle Tracking

Call  a private investigator today at;  800-743-2313

accident investigations accident investigations services and personal injury investigation by private investigators

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Accident Investigations

Accident investigation services and legal support service  provided by our accident investigators are crucial to personal injury claims, insurance fraud claims and worker compensation cases.  We have experienced and trained accident investigators that may photograph and document accident scenes, interview witnesses, take photographs, obtain scale diagrams, photograph vehicles, take pictures of injuries, locate claimants and more. They professionally photograph vehicles, products, and injuries.   


Call our accident investigators for a free consultation or to get started on an accident investigation service today. We assist accident and personal injury lawyers, insurance fraud attorneys, risk managers and adjusters. Our Private Investigation Agency offers professional services such as Accident Reconstruction and Expert Testimony and other related services. The investigation and reconstruction of an accident, injury or crash will aid our clients in determining the facts of the accident case. The Private Investigators will also determine injury restrictions, liability, current work and other important facts needed for trial.


Accident Investigations are available from our private detectives throughout Miami, Florida, Ft Lauderdale, Broward, Palm beach County and nationwide through our network of affiliate investigators in the United States and south America…. Our PIs have many years of experience in accident reconstruction services and video surveillance on claimants who practice false claims, staged accidents or exagerated insurance claims. We investigate claimants and help you obtain concrete proof for case.



Some of our common accident investigations services ;


Accident investigations

Subpoena Service

Claimant Background Checks

Workers Comp Investigations

Construction site accident investigations

Professional accident reconstruction

Photography and videography

Injury and Accident Investigation

Scale diagrams and scene mapping

Commercial and heavy vehicle accident investigations

Motorcycle and pedestrian crash analysis

Photographs of scene and diagram of scene

Slip and fall accident investigation

Investigation of suspected fraudulent accident claims

Auto accident investigations

Claimant surveillance services

Florida Bodyguard Services Florida VIP Bodyguards

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Florida Bodyguard Services are offered by our highly trained and experienced Florida bodyguards. Our Florida Bodyguard company provides Bodyguard services in south Florida, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Palm beach, nationwide and internationally.

Our Florida Security Agency will cater to executives, celebrities, political figures, VIP’s, Dignitaries, artists and other persons who require personal protection services or executive protection for their safety.

We also offer secure escorts, airport pickups, executive transportation, special event security, VIP protection and armed security service.

Feel free to contact our bodyguard agent or consultant today after you review our website. Contact our firm if you have any questions pertaining to our bodyguarding services.

instalar camaras de seguridad sistema de seguridad cctv video vigilancia

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En All Star Investigations .com disponemos de una gran selecion de soluciones profesionales de vídeo y camaras de seguridad CCTV para vigilar y controlar su casa, familia y negocio de manera local y remotamente desde el internet. Si necesita instalar camaras de seguridad…llame a nuestra tienda de vigilancia hoy.

Camaras De Seguridad CCTV

Vendemos e instalamos sistemas de vídeo vigilancia , camaras ocultas, nanny camera y sistemas de seguridad CCTV que le permiten ver las camaras de su casa o negocio en cualquier desde cualquier parte del mundo y de cualquier momento con solo una conexion de internet.


Vendemos kits auto instalables de camaras de seguridad a costo effectivo. Ahora si puede tener un sistema completo de vigilancia con camaras y grabación a buen precio. Disponemos de instaladores de camaras de seguridad CCTV y sistemas de seguridad con experienca. Tambien tenemos un departamento técnico que le pueden instalar camaras de vigilancia o le pueden aconsejar sobre cual sistema de seguridad es mas adecuado en su hogar, casa o negocio. Vendemos DVR de 4 , 8, 9, 16, y 32 canales, monitores lcd, camaras domo, dome, bullet y mas…llamenos hoy para mas informacion sobre nuestro sistema de videovigilancia.

Debugging Services Home Bug Sweep Detection Service

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Bug Sweep Detection Services is a common service requested. Our Home Bug Sweep Services and office bug sweep service is very effective at finding hidden or covert bugs, phone line taps, listening devices, audio recorders and more spy gadgets sold at spyshops or online spy stores.

Spy listening devices, spy gear or spy gadgets are more commonly known as bugs. The spy bugs are used to gather specific information from people or companies such as trade secrets, confidential information, client lists and vital company information. Our Private Investigation agency has licensed private investigators that offer an array of Bug Sweep Detection Services, bug sweep and undercover investigation services such as TSCM and or bug sweep services.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is the service provided by our expert technicians and private detectives in south Florida to effectively locate and detect eavesdropping equipment, hidden cameras, nanny cams, gps vehicle trackers, covert listening devices, bugs, phoneline tap, cellular phone tap, and spy cams. Are you being bugged? ….Do you feel like you are being watched or think you are under surveillance ? Stop being paranoid that you are bugges. Hire our de-bugging services today and stop Industrial espionage or electronic eavesdropping surveillance. Our Private eyes detect Telephone wiretapping and spy cams surveillance devices and  bugging equipment that are planted anywhere.


Our expert team of bug detection service experts in Florida will detect bugs or spy equipment in any area within a home, car, company vehicle, office or business. We have found and detected many wiretap devices, nany cams, spy cameras, gps tracking devices, covert listening devices and spy gadgets sold online. Call us for counter industrial espionage or debugging information and stop the risk of loss of valuable trade secrets or data.


Our Investigation Agency may detect Surveillance equipment hidden inside any items such as; a pen spy camera, smoke detector camera, lamp spy camera, clock spy camera, and other devices. Digital voice activated audio recorders, gsm bugs,  and covert listening devices can be planted under a desk or furniture in your room or office area. Also a telephone phone wiretap can be placed anywhere along your homes or offices phone line. Do not be a victim or prey of spying or bugging. Hire our counter espionage experts for de-bugging services or sweeps at your home or conference room. There are many cheap anti-bugging devices on the internet but these bug detectors can only detect a very limited amount of spy gadgets currently available in the market. Don’t settle for less and hire our professional anti-spy services. We offer sweeps in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Broward, Kendall, Coral gables, Pembroke Pines, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, south Florida and other cities and states. Our home debugging services are applies by state-of-the-art equipment and counter surveillance experience.

Call our private detective agency now and feel safe and secure once again from wiretaps, spy cams, bugs, cellular tapping, electronic listening devices and telephone wiretaps.

April 7, 2009

florida bodyguard florida body guard services miami body guards

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Hire Body Guard Services from our Florida Security Guard Company today and feel secured. Our Florida Bodyguards will assist clients by providing a diversity of protection services as may be required for the clients’ safety and protection. Body Guard Services from our Security Guard Company will ensure that our clients are secured and protected while they go on about their daily activities. Effective & discreet armed / unarmed body guard services and executive protection is available for Private citizens, Executives, Corporate Clients, Event Coordinators, High Profile Individuals, Celebrities & VIPs as they travel locally or travel to their International Destinations. Body Guards usually will perform security assessments and threat assessments in efforts to evaluate & determine every client’s level of risk.

Our Florida Security Company is the right choice for professional security guard services, personal proection, Executive Protection Services, Close Protection, Body Guards, Event Security, patrol services , Private Investigation Services, secure transportation, executive protection and GPS Vehicle Tracking.


Our Florida Bodyguards protect clients 24 hours a day anywhere the client may travel. Contact our Florida security company today to speak with a bodyguard or a security consultant on our protection services. Our Florida bodyguards will effectively determine every clients possible risks thus freeing them from all possible threats or security concerns. Our Miami BodyGuard Agency provides experienced bodyguard & executive protection services tailored specifically to meet every clients specific requirements thus providing a secure environment for clients to safely engage in their routine activities.


Bodyguard services in Miami Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Palm beach, Wellington, Broward County, lake Worth and south Florida…The personal protection agent or personal protection team assigned to each client will have the security experience & bodyguard knowledge to ensure every client will always  feel safe & relaxed in their environment.


Florida Body Guard Services and Miami Special Event Security is available 24 hours a day by calling our Security Guard Company.

detective investigador privado seguimientos paraderos informes infidelidad pruebas de adulterio

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detective investigador privado para seguimientos, vigilancias, paraderos. informes, infidelidad, pruebas, adulterio, robos, fraudes de seguro y mas.

Detective Privado – No caiga en engaños y confirme sus dudas de mentiras o infidelidad matrimonial. Contrata Investigador Privado hoy y termina el engano…Tenemos detectives afiliados en todo el mundo…tenemos muchos años de trayectoria como detective e investigador privado en Miami, Florida y investigadores en otros paices y ciudades.

Contrata un Investigador Privado para Infidelidades, Investigaciones laborales, Espionajes industriales, Paradero de personas, Infidelidad Matrimonial, seguimientos, Camaras ocultas, Grabaciones ocultas, Detectores de audio y video, localizador por GPS satelital, Software para todo tipo de computadora y otros productos de espionage.

Agencia De Investigacion

Nuestra agencia de investigacion provee servicios de investigacion como ; Seguimientos (infidelidades, adulterio, lealtad comercial, empleados). Paraderos, por búsquedas familiares o por estafas, antecedentes criminales, Informes privados y comerciales, control informático y electrónico, rastreo por GPS, Seguimiento y control de actividades de menores, abuso infantil y video vigilancia. Trabajamos con total seriedad. Si busca pruebas y resultados para juicios les podemos obtener su prueba o evidencia presentadas en fotos, videos, reportes, filmaciones y grabaciones digitales

Proveemeos Investigaciones adulterio infidelidad informes investigador e Detectives privados para muchos casos.

Llame hoy 800-743-2313 o 305-264-7878 para Servicio de detective, investigaciones, investigador, infidelidad, adulterio, informes, agencia de investigaciones, investigadores privados miami, kendall, hialeah, boca raton, buenos aires, costa rica, puerto rico, argentina, venezuela y Florida

Investigadores Privados Cazadores De Infieles Investigar Infidelidad Matrimonial Cazar Infieles

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Investigadores Privados para Cazar Infieles y casos de Infidelidad, domésticos, civiles, criminales, domésticos, corporativos, laborales y mas. Nuestra Agencia de Investigación Privada es la primera empresa integral, profesionalizada cual misión es obtener pruebas de infidelidades y adulterio de un esposo o esposa. Los investigadores de infidelidad empleados por nuestra agencia si saben Cazar Infieles como ninguna otra agencia de investigación. Después de contratarnos Ud. notara la diferencia con nuestros competidores y otras compañías de investigación privada.


Somos Especialistas en casos de investigar infidelidad matrimonial, adulterio y abuso infantil. No somos una agencia de investigaciones privadas que se dedica a diversos servicios de investigación privada, rastreos y seguimientos con fotos. Nuestro negocio es investigar a un infiel, investigar a un esposo, investigar a una esposa, a una amante, novia, novio, marido, mujer, exnovio, ennovia o otra persona. Si busca un detective privado para CAZAR INFIELES…llámenos hoy. Los Investigadores Privados de infidelidad tienen recursos, logística y experiencia para resolver sus dudas con pruebas de infidelidad.



investigadores de infidelidad

investigar infieles

investigar infidelidad matrimonial

investigar casos de infidelidad

investigadores de infidelidad

agencia de investigacion privada

investigar infidelidades

Somos una Empresa Profesional y una agencia de investigaciones con éxito probado por muchos anos. . Llámenos hoy para investigar a los esposos y esposas. Algunos servicios de infidelidad de los Investigadores Privados incluyen; seguimiento, vigilancia, rastro de teléfono, rastreo de celular, fotos, video, localización de personas, búsquedas, videovigilancia, rastreo por GPS, localizar personas extraviadas, rastreo por GPS, cámaras ocultas, nanny camera, sistemas de seguridad, antecedentes criminales y mas en Miami, Kendall, Ft Lauderdale, Lake Worth, Tampa, Naples, Cape Coral, Bayamon, San Juan Puerto Rico, Palm Beach, Orlando, Hialeah  y toda la Florida. Hacemos muchos casos y servicios de investigación pero nuestra misión principal de negocio es investigar a los infieles y CAZAR INFIELES

April 6, 2009

Investigator Delray Private Investigators Delray Beach Detective Service

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Need investigation Services Delray Beach Investigators Private Investigator Services Delray Beach and service in Kendall, Coral Springs, Miami, Homestead, West Palm beach and south Florida.


Find Private Investigator Services Delray Beach for investigations in south Florida such as; due diligence or surveillance services. Hire our Delray Beach private detective agency and call a Detective for Delray Beach Investigations such as surveillance or other private investigation services in Delray Beach, Kendall, Port St Lucie, Hialeah, Broward, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield beach, Cooper City, Cape Coral, Naples,  Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Delray Beach Beach and other cities in south Florida… Call our investigator today for Private Investigation Services in Delray Beach, Coral Spring Florida, Miramar, Lauderhill, Wilton manors, Lauderdale lakes, Fort lauderdale, Cooper City and south Florida..


Private Investigator Services Delray Beach – Our firm has licensed investigators in all south Florida for general private investigation services and cases dealing with domestic, civil, marital and other matters…our undercover detectives will discreetly investigate a Cheating Spouse, husband, girl friend, date, lover, boy friends or wife suspected of infidelity or cheating. Do not be a victim of a cheating spouse. Hire a Miami Investigator, south Florida Investigator or investigator in Delray Beach Florida.


Private Investigator Services Delray Beach


Our detective will investigate infidelity, lies, affairs, cheating, marital affairs, personal injury, workers compensation fraud, injuries, Matrimonial, Slip and fall, Dog Bites, workplace violence, cheaters, work comp claims, de-bugging, home sweeps, corporate investigations, theft and more..Call a Miami private Investigator or delray Investigator for the proof !

Miami Video Surveillance Systems Security Camera Installation and more

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Miami Security Systems Miami Camera Systems, Access Control and Hidden cameras for home, business or office


Security camera installations in Miami, Kendall, Hialeah, Ft Lauderdale, Homestead, miramar, pembroke pines, Doral, Aventura, Pinecrest, Broward, Sunrise, Tamarac, Davie, Dania, Hallandale, Cutler bay and south Florida cities. Get surveillance systems for your home today…

Our Surveillance store and Spy Shop allows clients to protect and secure their home or business against crime with a security camera installation. Install security systems and you can avoid becoming another statistic in south Florida. Review our website for information on all our security and detective services. All Star Investigations offers a comprehensive range of sophisticated security and surveillance products, CCTV home security cameras, private investigation services and security guard services to protect what means most to you and your family or employees.
Miami Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) / Security cameras
Miami Covert and Hidden Cameras / Miami Nanny Cameras.
Miami Alarm Monitoring
Miami Keyless Entry Systems
Miami Card Access
Miami Eavesdropping Countermeasures Equipment
Miami Home Surveillance System
Miami Security camera Installation

Contact our Security Store in miami or email us for a free information regarding our wholesale and retail surveillance systems and equipment. Or set up an appointment with a security consultant.

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