April 17, 2009

cheating spouse investigations miami florida infidelity investigator south florida marital infidelity private detective matrimonial spousal surveillance

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Florida Private Investigator delivering cheating spouse or lover investigation specialists in surveillance, adultery, marital affairs and unfaithful spouses. Our Investigators help catch a cheating spouse, husband, wife, date, partner, lovers, mistress, boyfriend or girlfriend who is cheating. Find out if infidelity, cheating or adultery is affecting your marriage or relationship. Contract licensed Private Investigators in Florida from our detective Agency to help catch a cheater in your area.


Florida Private Investigator for cheating spouse, cheating girl friend, boyfriend, exwife, coworker and cheating spouse cases. We investigate spouses in Miami Florida area.


Hire our licensed Florida Private Investigators today and get the facts at cost effective rates. We offer infidelity investigations, matrimonial investigations, spousal surveillance, GPS Vehicle Tracking, covert hidden cameras, audio surveillance and more. Our firm services Miami, Kendall, Miami Beach, Homestead, North Miami Beach FL, Hialeah, Doral, Davie, Deerfield Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Plantation, Sunrise, Miramar, Pembroke Pines and south Florida. Feel free to contact a cheating spouse investigator for a consultation. Our Investigator can help find signs of infidelity and thus help you catch a cheater in your relationship.


Our Detectives use hi-tech technology to get the proof and evidence expected on your case. Spy Surveillance Products used include; GPS trackers, nanny cams, covert and hidden cams, car tracking devices, audio recorders, computer spy software and other gadgets available at our Miami SpyShops. Our Investigator will assist you with your investigation and get evidence and results.



Are you feeling paranoid ? Are you being cheated on ? Catch a cheating spouse in Miami or Miami Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Port St Lucie, Broward County, North Miami Beach or south Florida area. Our video surveillance and infidelity investigation rates are very economical.



A Florida Private Investigator serving the Miami Florida area With Private Detective Service can investigate in the following areas;


Boca Raton Investigations

Sarasota Investigations

Hialeah Investigations

St Augustine Investigations

St Petersburg Investigations

Cape Coral Investigations

Fort Lauderdale Investigations

Miami Investigations

Naples Investigations

Greenacres Investigations

Bradenton Investigations

Hollywood Investigations

Jacksonville Investigations

Orlando Investigations

Davie Investigations

Pembroke Pines Investigations

Citrus County Investigations

Clearwater Investigations

Daytona Beach Investigations

Ocala Investigations

Sunrise Investigations

Tallahassee Investigations

Tampa Investigations

Deerfield Beach Investigations

West Palm Beach Investigations

Jupiter Investigations

Fort Myers Investigations

Gainesville Investigations

Golden Gate Investigations

Pinecrest Investigations

Lake Worth Investigations

Weston Investigations

Doral Investigations

Pembroke Pines Investigations


Our Private Investigators and Detectives are the finest in town. Our Firm provides Florida Private Investigators in Miami Florida and have nationwide affiliates to service your area with Florida cheating spouse cases or Infidelity investigations in your city or state. We are a full service FL private investigation agency with experienced private eyes and marital infidelity experts that investigate cheating spouses, infidelity and other domestic, civil and criminal cases.

April 15, 2009

Investigator Dominican Republic Private Investigators Dominican Republic Detective Services

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Dominican Republic Private Investigators Dominican Republic Private Detective Agency for Dominican Republic Investigation Services such as Infidelity Investigations, matrimonial investigations, cheating spouses,  Find Missing Person, locate Someone,  Background Checks, Insurance Fraud Claim, Locate People & Dominican Republic surveillance services…Our Dominican Republic Private Detectives investigate will help you ascertain the solid facts in Santo Domingo. 



Our Dominican Republic Private Detective Agency can investigate your case. Dominican Republic Detective Services or Santo Domingo can help Anyone. Hire Dominican Republic Investigators for investigations in Dominican Republic and Santo Domingo… detective Services in Dominican Republic are totally discreet and cost effective. Our “Dominican Republic Private Detective Agency” offers expert investigative services in Dominican Republic and other areas in Santo Domingo.

Our private detective services and Dominican Republic Investigators are available nationwide with licensed private investigator affiliates. 

 Our Dominican Republic Detective Agency has investigator Associates and detective agencies in Dominican Republic and nationwide that are experts at general investigation services. Our Dominican Republic private investigation agency specializes in Dominican Republic Criminal Records & Civil Background Checks,  Marital Infidelity Investigations, adultery, Insurance fraud, workers compensation, bodily injury, criminal defense investigation, domestic cases, Locates, missing person, Find a Person, GPS Tracking, Pre Employment Screenings, Court Record Searches, work comp, matrimonial surveillance, asset checks, catch cheaters, spousal surveillance, claim fraud investigations, video surveillance, auto accident injuries, liability, cheating spouse, investigating cheaters,employee fraud, back injury investigation, checkmate, pre-marital, Worker’s Compensation surveillance, Dominican Republic  insurance claim investigations and other Dominican Republic Detective Services or Investigators not matched by other Dominican Republic Private Detective Agencies or companies in Dominican Republic.
Our most common Dominican Republic private detective services include cheating spouse surveillance, pre-employment investigation, civil liability, fidelity, personal injury investigations, matrimonial infidelity, witness statements / interviews, workplace violence, child custody and child support investigations, personal backgrounds, dating cases and premarital screening.
 Hire a detective from the leading Dominican Republic Detective Agency..our Dominican Republic investigator will get you evidence efficiently..

Reach out to the most trusted Detective Agency in Dominican Republic ……Dominican Republic Private Investigations Services are always confidential. Our Dominican Republic Private Investigators investigate your case 24 hrs a day. Our Detectives perform cases throughout the entire area of Dominican Republic. Call our Dominican Republic Detectives and Associates today for information on how our private investigation consultant can offer your firm results. We investigate spouses, wives, lover, husbands, claimants, cheaters, employees, businesses, suspects, witnesses and other detective agencies in Dominican Republic or the United States. Dominican Republic Detective Services provided for a spouse, corporation, employer and law firms such as insurance defense attorney, criminal defense attorney, divorce attorney, workers compensations lawyers or plaintiff defense attorney in Dominican Republic.

…Call our Santo Domingo Detective Agency to consult with a “Dominican Republic Investigator”

Miami Cheating Spouse Private Investigator Miami Infidelity Investigators Miami Marital Infidelity Investigations

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Deciding to hire the services of a cheating spouse private investigator Miami or other city or state can be a serious decision for a wife, husband or spouse who suspects signs of infidelity or cheating on spouse.  At All Star Investigations, our Cheating Spouse Investigators specialize in spousal surveillance and cheating spouse and matrimonial infidelity investigations. Investigate extra marital affair and affairs in the workplace, job or online.

Our Infidelity experts consult with many spouses who need to investigate a cheating spouse, lover, date, partner, exwife, ex-husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mistress or other person cheating in the relationship or marriage. Stop living in doubt and hire marital infidelity services to check up on your girl friend fiancée or boyfriend to be.  Retaining a cheating spouse detective is easy. Our PI’s take time to explain how each cheating spouse investigation works, how long the case may take and what it will cost.  Our Miami Detective Agency has years of experience in handling cheating spouse investigations, infidelity investigation, marital affairs, unfaithful spouses, cheating wives, husbands and matrimonial surveillance services. We are truly experienced cheating spouse private investigators in Miami that care to help bring results with our private investigation services.  Miami Infidelity Investigators may obtain photographic evidence of infidelity or video surveillance if the cheating occurs in the marriage. 


All Star Investigations offers a professional cheating spouse private investigator in Miami.  Stop feeling paranoid. Our undercover investigators live throughout Miami.     As a Miami based cheating spouse investigation firm, we have expert private eyes and resources to effectively investigate cheaters and liars. Our Miami Marital Investigator will catch a cheating spouse in the act infidelity so that you may regain your peace of mind.  Stop thinking about infedelity marriage. We have affiliate licensed investigators throughout the United States, South America and worldwide. Our detctives are known for catching people who cheat or lie on their significant other. Our Investigative firm will catch cheators fast. Contact our Miami Investigation Agency now.


Speak with a Detective for Infidelity. Stop debating whether you should hire a Miami cheating spouse private investigator. If you need the proof of infidelity call and speak with a cheating spouse private investigator in Miami.  A consultant will listen to your concerns and provide you with a clear understanding of the steps needed on your cheating spouse investigation case.  The detective will also let you know the cost to hire a cheating spouse private investigator, matrimonial investigator or cheating spouse pi that will verify an extramarital affair or unfaithfull spouse.  All prices for Private Investigation Services are very economical. 


Stop living in denial and face the facts before you end up in divorce. Our Detective Services can help you move forward in your marriage or relationship with our Miami Private Investigations. We help many Miami Divorce Attorneys, Family Lawyers, Law Firms and marriage counselors who have clients with domestic problems ranging from child custody, child neglect, abuse or fidelity concerns.



Why do you suspect infidelity?  Is there a suspect ? Having suspicions or signs of infidelity ? Before hiring a cheating spouse private investigator in Miami it’s you must obtain as much information on the spouse as possible for the private investigator or detective. Spouses should organize their evidence and write down any doubts or concerns so that you can clearly communicate it to the Miami cheating spouse private investigator you are consulting with. Many cheating spouse cases do not involve a suspect (mistress, boyfriend, lover, girlfriend, etc…).  Sometimes the spouse client suspects infidelity and thinks the cheating spouse is involved with anyone or is just seeking a reason to justify another feeling.  On many occasions, the spouse client knows for a fact about a particular suspect and thus provides the Miami cheating spouse detective accurate facts and info that may narrow the scope of the infidelity investigation or affair from the cheating spouse. We specialize in :


Miami Cheating Spouse Investigator

Miami Matrimonial Surveillance

Miami Spousal Surveillance

Miami Infidelity Investigation


We have experienced cheating spouse private investigators Miami that understand how important it is to identify a cheater.  The cheating spouse investigator may help with  Infidelity investigators Miami or other cities and states. You can easily rack up a lot of hours conducting surveillance on a person who may not even have the opportunity to cheat or be unfaithful.  Surveillance hours used on a domestic case are not all useful when the cheating spouse doesn’t have the opportunity to cheat or commit adultery. 


As a cheating spouse private investigator Miami, AllStar Investigations has conducted thousands of marital infidelity investigations, spouse surveillance services, GPS Vehicle Tracking Services, rentals and more.  Our SpyShops sell video surveillance products, nanny cameras, Auto tracking devices, audio surveillance digital recorders, bug detectors, home bug sweeps, debugging, home security systems, covert surveillance camera and other gadgets not usually found in local Miami Private Investigation Agencies or spy shops in Miami or nearby cities. Visit our offices today to hire cheating spouse investigator or buy spy surveillance equipment. Call our agency and give detective accurate and complete subject information..  A cheating spouse private investigator will establish a discreet surveillance position on a Miami residence, subjects workplace or place of business in view of the spouse being investigated. Whether the investigaters need to start the investigation at the cheating spouse place of employment, home, office or business, we can help get cost effective results unlike other Miami detective Agencies in town. The Miami cheating spouse investigator has accurate subject information and info on the spouse and the suspect. We can also investigate cheaters using a decoy. Hispanic, Bilingual, American, Asian and Haitian detectives needed. Black or white Male or female decoys available for decoy investigations.


We have many checkmate and cheating spouse cases.  Call our etectives to inquire about cheating spouse investigations or videosurveillance.  The cheating spouse private investigator cannot control actions of a cheater.  Although rarely used by Miami cheating spouse investigators, decoys should be used on certain infidlity cases, where a detective has difficulty recording the subject out in the plain view..


Private Investigator Miami


April 8, 2009

R Kelly private investigation news

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private investigation industry news

Private Investigator news ; R Kelly

Man claims he’s owed part of his $100,000 bounty.
By Jennifer Vineyard

Already facing criminal charges, R. Kelly has been hit with another civil lawsuit.

A private detective from Kansas City is suing the R&B singer, claiming that the singer hired him to locate a stolen videotape and didn’t pay up in full. Charles Freeman filed his breach of contract suit on July 12 in a Jackson County Circuit Court in Missouri. He’s seeking $75,000 in damages.

Last month, the singer pleaded not guilty to 21 counts of child pornography stemming from a videotape which Chicago police and Cook County, Illinois, prosecutors say depicts the singer having sex with a 14-year-old girl (see “R. Kelly Pleads Not Guilty To Child Pornography Charges”). (Click for a full explanation of the charges against R. Kelly.)

Freeman’s suit claims Kelly hired him via private detective Jack Palladino last August and agreed to pay him $100,000 plus up to $40,000 in expenses to recover the stolen videotape, described in a contract as a performance tape.

Palladino’s office, which has been working with Kelly on various sex tape and bootleg issues (see “Girl In Alleged R. Kelly Tape Said To Be 14-Year-Old Niece Of Singer Sparkle”), would neither confirm nor deny Freeman’s employment, saying, “That’s not information we could or would give out.”

According to their contract, Palladino hired Freeman on August 21, 2001, and gave him until August 23 to recover and return the sole copy of the tape. At this point, Freeman was to submit to a polygraph test to attest that “the stolen items he has recovered and will be turning over are all the material that exists, and that he knows of no other copies (whether in whole or in part) in any form.” The contract also had one more condition — that Freeman was to keep all information about the recovered tape confidential.

Freeman recovered the tape, his lawsuit contends, and passed the polygraph. He was then paid $65,000, he claims, and was told that the remainder of his fee would be forthcoming.

Kelly’s camp, meanwhile, said that the singer plans to defend himself vigorously against this latest lawsuit. “We’re confident that when the facts come out,” Kelly’s spokesperson Allan Mayer said, “the suit will be shown to have no merit.”

R. Kelly has been hit with four additional civil suits, the most recent of which involved a woman who claimed she was the subject of a sex tape which made its way into the bootleg market (see “R. Kelly Sued By Woman Claiming To Be Sex Tape Subject”). The basis of the other three lawsuits involved accusations that he took advantage of minors and engaged in criminal sexual conduct. Two of those lawsuits were settled out of court, while a third is still pending (see “R. Kelly Sued By Woman Claiming Singer Impregnated Her When She Was 17″). by MTV.com 2002

Call ASI for private investigation services

signs of infidelity signs of cheating spouse marital infidelity signs

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Signs of Spousal infidelity and Marital Infidelity


Do you suspect a cheating spouse, wife, husband or lover. Our Infidelity Investigators and marital investigation experts perform video surveillance, gps tracking and other services to investigate cheating spouses.

Call us for cheating spouse investigations, spousal surveillance and matrimonial investigations today.  800-743-2313


Marital Infidelity Signs Statistics say that approximately 80% of women who feel their spouse or lover is cheating are right and approximately 55% of men who feel their spouse or lover is cheating are correct. Our Infidelity detective Services can help detect a cheating spouse fast. If you have marital infidelity suspicions, infidelity warnings signs or signs of infidelity by your spouse or partner, you should review some of the following Signs of Infidelity which we thing are very important. Review the signs of a cheater below and call a cheating spouse investigator from AllStar as soon as possible.




Spouse is too tired to be intimate or decreased sexual interest with you.


Spouse wants to be intimate with you every night- and has new sexual behavior or moves never seen.


Spouse no longer wears wedding ring or says it was lost.


Cheating Spouse begins working out or wants to lose weight.


Cheating Spouse turns his cell phone on silent when he is at home and doesn’t bother to

look at it when it rings at home.


Cheating spouse is suddenly deleting his e-mail messages


Cheating Husband or Cheating Wife spouse has more cash on than ever before without accountability


Unexplained payments on Cheating Spouses bank statement


Mileage on spouses car is high despite they didn’t need to travel far


Spouse spends a lot of time at the computer- even alone or after you go to sleep. And then erases the history files every night.


Cheating Spouse starts having new hobbies and you’re not included in them

Cheating Spouse hides cell phone bills or the credit card statements


Husband or wife starts working late a lot.


Cellular phone bills contain calls with very long duration


Cheating spouse has suspicious voice-mail messages


Spouse whispers and then hangs up the phone when you enter the room.


Husband or wife has suspicious cell phone numbers stored or dialed


Wife or husband has unexplained receipts in wallet or purse


Cheating Spouse does not return your cell phone calls are not returned in timely fashion

You get hang-up calls at home.


Spouses cellular phone never leaves his or her side or is always turned off while at home


Cheating spouse inquires about your schedule very often


Cheating spouse wants to attend new work related functions and wants to go alone


Spouse often day dreams and is distracted


Clothes smell of unusual perfume you did not know about

You meet spouses co-workers and they act nervous while around you


Spouse keeps that distant look in his eyes… like even when he’s with you he isn’t


Spouse exits house or goes to other rooms to talk on his cellular phone


Spouse buys new clothes… or comes home with new clothes and you’re not sure who bought them


Spouse is often “unreachable” while at work or away on the road.


Has email accounts you didn’t know about- and changed his passwords to the ones you do know about


Husband starts having a boys’ night out and never has before.


Sudden increase in time away from home


He blows up at you for the slightest thing and then leaves the house for hours.


Cheating spouse starts to use a calling card or a phone card


Husband or wife buys a new car and suddenly spends a lot of time away from home alone


Internet web browser history list -record of web sites visited- is always empty or contains explicit web sites


Call our Marital Infidelity Investigators today for Marital Investigation Services. 

miramar florida security guard news incident

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Security Guard News update from miramar Florida

MIRAMAR, Florida Security news — For the second time in two weeks, a gunman tried to rob a Miramar Foot Locker store. But this time, a quick-thinking security guard stopped the heist.

Police said the private security guard fired four shots after apparently seeing the suspect had approached the store, pulled out a gun and put on a bandanna to disguise his face just after noon on Saturday.

The shots were fired at the front door and the would-be robber was struck four times, leaving a trail of blood as he ran from the store, through McDonald’s and to a waiting white Nissan.

Police said they later found the gunman, suffering gunshots wounds, in Miami Gardens. He was being treated Saturday at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Detectives said they are still searching for the Nissan driver and another passenger in the car.

Tiara Walker, a merchant in the shopping plaza at South University Drive and Miramar Parkway, said business owners and employees are on edge.

“Our bank here got robbed twice, Winn Dixie, T-Mobile,” she said. “It’s getting kind of scary.” by NBC6

Review our website for the latest info and security guard news.

Call our security guard company to hire security guard services, bodyguards, security guard officers, vip protection, armed security, event security, uniformed security officer, private investigation services, due diligence or personal protection service.

florida security guard license class d license class g license course

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Become a Florida Security Guard Officer with our Florida Security License. Need security Guard Job or employment as a security officer, body guard or close protection agent.

Register for your d license security guard classes and g license course.


Visit our Florida Security School today and get on your way to a new career in the security field. Get your Florida Security License, D license, G license, concealed weapons permit or other security guard training classes and similar course.

Our Florida Security School offers the following classes in Miami Dade, Broward, Ft Lauderdale, Kendall, Homestead, Palm Beach County, Hollywood Florida, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Davie, Sunrise, Tamarac, Margate, Fort Pierce, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Florida and other areas in south Florida. Work as an armed security guard with your G License Class Florida. Our Florida Security School offers the Security Officer with D-License or D and G License Florida.

GPS Vehicle Trackers GPS vehicle Tracking Products Installations and Services

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GPS Vehicle Trackers


GPS Trackers, GPS Vehicle Trackers and GPS Tracking Devices are used to track a spouse, children, employee, auto, fleet, valuables or anything else.

Our Security Company sells, rents and installs GPS Vehicle Trackers, real time gps trackers and passive gps trackers. We provide a large selection of of GPS Tracking Devices, GPS tracking Products, car trackers, personal trackers, and location based services to businesses and consumers nationwide.


Our company offers an extensive portfolio of GPS Tracking products. If you need fleet management solutions and GPS monitoring services, you have found the right choice. Our GPS tracking devices are all top of the line products sold at reasonable prices. All GPS Trackers sold and rented at our store are of the highest quality.


Track your spouse, teenager, employee, your auto, company vehicle, assets, valuables or anything online with our real-time GPS tracking devices.


Our online GPS Tracking system and software allows you to track vehicles online or track assets online easily via the internet. GPS Trackers are a great tool to catch a cheating spouse, monitor company employees, track your packages, fleet management, fleet tracking, track company fleet, track your cars, track vehicles online or see what your children, employee or spouse are really doing when away from home or work. Our GPS Trackers accurately document travel activity with proof of exact time and date. Buy a GPS Tracker today and start investigating yourself with our hi-tech GPS tracking products and GPS tracking system.


Our GPS tracking products are very cost effective. We offer a large selection of tracking devices and tracking products such as; passive GPS Trackers, Data Loggers, Real Time GPS Vehicle Trackers, Slim Track, Trim track, A-GPS, Teen trackers, Personal Locators, GPS Tracking devices and many more. Buy wholesale GPS Tracking equipment from the leaders in location based services. Whether you live in Miami, Florida, Ft Lauderdale, texas, California, Puerto Rico, South America, Central America or anywhere,..we can track it for you nationwide…Our Security store may sell and may rent a GPS tracker if needed. Call a security consultant for information on GPS Tracking Products.

servicios de guardia de seguridad servicio de seguridad privada

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Nuestra emresa de seguridad provee servicios de sguardia de seguridad privada. Somos una compañía professional de seguridad privada y investigacion privada con éxito probado en servicios de investigacion privada, guardaespaldas, seguridad personal y guardias de seguridad uniformados.


Somos una compania de seguridad privada con licencia, experienca y seguro. les podemos brindar todos servicios de seguridad y consejo de seguridad a todo cliente que requiere proteccion privada.

El propósito de nuestra compania de seguridad privada es de prevenir problemas antes de que sucedan. Llamenos para seguridad personal hoy…Nuestros agentes de seguridad e investigadores privados tienen la experiencia operacional necesaria para poder realizar varios tipos de investigaciónes privadas en cualquier estado o ciudad o servicio de seguridad privada. Ademas, tenemos la capacidad de proveeer servicios de seguridad con guardias de seguridad uniformados, guardias de seguridad sin uniforme, guardias armadas y guardias no armados.

Contrate guardia de seguridad hoy…Todos los oficiales de seguridad son licenciados para protejer personas y propiedades.

criminal investigation services background investigations background check investigation Florida

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Background Investigations

Background Investigation Services, Criminal Record Searches and Background Check Services from our Private Investigators


Background investigations are some of our most requested services that need special attention. Background checks often offer unexpected information on a subject, spouse,  job applicant, claimant or other person. Criminal background Investigations may include criminal records, employment histories, lawsuits, prior reported addresses, gaps of employment and other information not stated on the application.


We may investigate any person you have doubts on or need to check up on in Miami Florida, The united States or South America or nationwide !


Background check services may also reveal employer education history verification, prior workers compensation claims, drivers license verification, professional license check, motor vehicle driving records, criminal record reports, national sex offender registry status, and more.


Some of the most common record searched include;




• Credit Check

• Background Check

• Background Investigation

• Sex Offender Report

• Motor Vehicle Report

• Nationwide Criminal Records

• Driving Record

• Criminal Search

• Background Checks Online

• Pre-Employment Background Screening

• Criminal Background Report

• Statewide Criminal Records

• Employee Criminal Record

• National Criminal Records

• Background Search

• Background Verification

• Instant Background Checks

• Human Resources Background Check

• Employment Screening

• Pre-Employment Background Checks

• Nationwide Background Checks

• Criminal Background Check

• Criminal History

• Criminal Record

• Background Screening

• Employee Background Check

• National Background Check

• Background Reports

 • Public Criminal Records

• State Criminal Records

• Employee Pre-Screening

• Employee Background Screening

• Personal Background Checks

• Criminal Record Search

• Statewide Criminal Record Searches


Background investigations are crucial if your company is seeking prospective employees.


We offer Criminal History Searches and background investigation solutions and record searches on people, spouses, dates, neighbors, defendants, plantiffs, employees, witnesses and anyone other person.

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