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Child Custody Private Investigators


child custody private investigators, child custody investigator, child custody investigationsOur Child Custody Private Investigators specialize in child custody investigations and child custody detective services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Palm Beach county, South Florida and nationwide.

Child Custody Private Investigators can discreetly follow your spouse or ex-spouse during their scheduled visitation to determine unlawful or improper activity while your child is in your spouses care. Child Custody Private Investigators from our detective agency can also follow and videotape, your spouse or ex on their own free time to document and investigate their lifestyle, daily activities, living conditions and persons they associate with. Our PI agency may conduct a spouse criminal background check or obtain prior criminal history, background check, civil background search or other database record searches on the spouse to verify prior criminal histories, civil records, criminal records , wants and warrants, child abuse, child neglect, fraudulent claims, fraud claim, previous arrest records, domestic violence charges, former or current employment / employer, ex offenses, criminal activity , judgments , bankruptcy records or other similar misdemeanor or felony court house records.

Child Custody Investigations delivered by our expert child custody investigators in Miami and south Florida may also provide clients with photography, still photo, video surveillance documentation and an investigation report detailing the current lifestyle which the spouse or your child is exposed to. Child Custody Investigators may also testify on their findings related to child custody investigation services or child abuse / neglect in a court proceeding. Consult with a child support private investigator or Child Custody Investigator for details on our child custody surveillance, child neglect investigations, video surveillance, spousal surveillance, or any other domestic case in Miami, Florida or any other city or state.

We help with child support investigations related to ; un fit Deadbeat parents, dead beat father, mother, collect child support payments, locate deadbeat dad / mom, ex boyfriend,  unfit parent, child neglect case, employment screening, skiptrace, locate where a deadbeat parent is currently working, award visitation rights, divorce and other matters to assist you move forward with your court trial.


Today's divorce rate is extremely high and as a direct consequence, many marriages end up in divorce which results to a problem called "child custody". The court will usually attempt to place the child in the care of one parent. The court will then award visitation rights to the other parent. The parent awarded the Primary Custody also known as the primary custodian is usually the parent who will make important decisions in the child’s life such as; the child’s school, doctor etc,..The Primary Custody Parent will generally spend more time with the child Custodian. However, in some Child Custody cases the court appointed Primary Custodian is not the best choice for the child or children.  There are numerous reasons why a parent may not be suitable for Primary Custody or even for visitation at all. It may be possible the parent may engage in inappropriate or illegal activities or behaviors that are not suitable for the child. The ex-spouse may also be dating a person with a criminal background history, prior domestic violence, child abuse or sexual assault conviction, driving while under the influence / Intoxicated, drug use, etc,... In addition, your ex-spouse might often drop the children off at a babysitter or a neighbor’s residence so he/she can go out with friends or dates. What’s worst, your ex-spouse could be abusing, molesting or mistreating the child. In the United States we have what is called "Courts of Proofs"….it is your duty to prove your case to the court. So the more evidence of abuse, neglect or molestation you bring to trial, the more successful you will likely be at winning the child custody trial. Call our Child Custody Detectives for information, advise on Child neglect cases or help with child custody Investigation Services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Broward, palm beach county, south Florida and other states in the United States and nation wide.


Our Miami Child Custody Private Investigators specialize in investigating cases of Child Custody, child support, abuse and neglect investigations. Confirm your suspicions of child abuse, neglect for your custody case. A child custody enforcement investigator will document incriminating evidence, proof and facts to assist you in proving the courts why you deserve Primary Custody.

Unlike a "Cheating Spouse Investigation", the infidelity cases can take much longer to confirm. In a marital infidelity investigation, you can terminate the investigation as soon as you verify the infidelity. However, with Child Custody investigation cases, the courts prefer you show "patterns" and it does take more time. The court is usually not interested in an "isolated incident" of your ex-spouse engaging in activities or behaviors that are inappropriate. So the proper way is for our Miami Private Investigators to build a solid case which is compelling and convincing for trial. The fact is that you will likely only get "one-shot" at proving your child custody case and if you are not successful in doing it right the first time, your ex-spouse will know that you had previously hired a Child Custody Private Investigator to investigate him / her thus making any future attempts of investigating them or video-surveillance much more difficult. Don’t hire the wrong child support investigator in Miami or south Florida.

Many Miami investigation agencies, Florida detectives or Private detective Agencies in other states are not experts at custody enforcement or support investigations. Hire our Child Custody Investigators from our agency with years of training and you will obtain professional Investigation Services. Our Miami Private Investigation Company has affiliate Investigators in your local city that specialize in civil, domestic and neglect investigations including, missing parent, dead beat skip trace, locate father, find missing mother, employment verification, find deadbeats employment, child neglect, fraud, surveillance, child support investigations and Marital Infidelity investigations. Hire an Investigator in Florida or any other state and get the facts from an investigation agency that is professional and well experienced on child custody investigation services, child support, child neglect or other domestic family matters.

Our Miami detective operatives and nationwide Investigators investigate child support cases, child abuse, neglect and custody through video surveillance, computer spy software, GPS Vehicle Tracking, online computer surveillance, e-mail surveillance, videotape surveillance, internet activity surveillance, home hidden cameras, audio surveillance and many other investigation services. Hire Miami Detective Service today or services in Florida or any other area & obtain professional Child Custody Investigation Services. We investigate cases of neglect, abuse, or child support worldwide.

We investigate people, deadbeat parents, unfit parent, negligent husband, wife - wives, exspouses and un fit spouses with child custody matters, child neglect, or child abuse like no other investigation detective agencies in Miami or the U.S.

Call now for a free consultation or information on Child Custody Investigations services in Miami Dade County, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Homestead, Pompano, Coral Springs, Pembroke Pines, Ft. Pierce, Stuart, Kendall, Port Saint Lucie, Hallandale Beach, Vero Beach, Lake Worth, Miami Beach, Broward, West Palm Beach and world wide.

Child Custody Investigations - Miami Child Custody Investigators – Support enforcement, Child Abuse Investigation, Child Custody Detective Services Miami Florida and other areas.

Private Investigators and detectives servicing Child Custody investigations and neglect investigation services in South Florida. Hire a Florida private investigator or computer forensic examiner specializing in the following: marital infidelity surveillance, Florida workers compensation, recorded statement, cellular phone searches or  Florida private investigations. A Florida private detective can help with child abuse investigation, child support, intellectual property infringement, forensic computer service,  free people search, tscm,  electronic counter measures, child neglect surveillance, Marital infidelity investigations, Florida investigations, defective products,  nursing home abuse, negligence & injuries, Miami debugging, Florida background checks or employment screening. Find Miami Private Investigators for criminal record search, Mystery Shoppers / Integrity shopping and more. Our PI's investigate child neglect cases, for spouses, businesses, agencies, plaintiff attorney, defense lawyer and child neglect attorneys. Hire Florida Security consultants at our Miami Detective Agency for Florida Child Custody Investigation Services. Miami Child Custody Investigators and Investigators that investigate child support, abuse, neglect, custody and other domestic matters available for hire in your local city or state.

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Child Custody Private Investigators

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Child Custody Investigators



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